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Quality of Life

I am into the 2nd week of being a part time SAHM mom, student, ‘tai-tai’ and soon to be pre-school teacher and I am really enjoying it. Not many at my age will be able to experience this quality of life that most hope for.
I feel that I am in a pretty good place now with my life. To be able to get a break from working full-time, watch my child develop daily, spend time with hubby and then given a chance at a new career. All of that without having to lift a finger to do any housework or to have to slog over the stove. So here I am, a self proclaimed ‘tai-tai’, without the frivolous spending.
It’s amazing how quickly a day goes by when there seems to be so much to do. It is a refreshing change from the 9-6pm responsibilities I used to have at work, when you are just part of this corporation which only objective is to earn a profit. Life fufills a more meaningful purpose and I really thank God for this chance that He has given and I must say indeed that I am blessed :)
Went to Vivocity yesterday with Keith and Kyle, and it felt great to be able to spend time with family on a weekday, leisuring watching the rest of the world pass us by.

Kyle, the toddler with a purpose

Feeding himself and enjoying his food

Sharing his favorite fruit; a banana with Dad

‘A big bite for me…’

“…and just a teeny bit for dad!”

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Thanks Dad

Keith felt rather neglected about not being mentioned in my last entry, so here it is; thanks for helping me out the past one week – for washing and sterilising the bottles and helping with chores around the house, you really made my experience at being SAHM for the one week much easier :)

Glad to see that with this adjustments in our lifestyle, Kyle has also grown to be more attached to you.

Thanks Dad…here’s a salute to you for being a sweet and caring father!

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Toddler Week

So how has the week been? Obviously not looking the most glamorous since I have never been that glam to start with; with unkempt hair sans make-up and chasing after a toddler the whole time.
The week has been rather tiring but really worthwhile, probably more worthwhile than any of the good weeks put together from all my previous jobs. No demanding and unreasonable bosses, no ‘sian’ projects to complete, no annoying people to work with…only a babbling, laughing and sometimes crying toddler to content with, as well as a lack of some shut-eye.
My review of this week? It has been indeed an interesting way to start a new chapter of my life…although I would have hoped to get some time in between to catch up on my reading. I have gotten really attached to my little boy, and will continue to be more hands-on in his care even after Belle is back. However I do also look forward to spending some ‘me’ time in the next week.
As for the highlight of week for Kyle? A visit from Alex and Aunty Linda on Thursday and Friday, here are some pics of the toddlers interacting with one another…

Lunch at SICC poolside

Sharing blueberries

‘Stop pulling my t-shirt…’

‘Kyle just pinched my face…’

Besides some snatching of toys from one another, a little pinching and hitting, I also learnt that it is always good to have two sets of the same toy. Even having two sets of the toy was not enough, as the one that the other toddler is holding on to is always the more preferred item. But of course there were some happy moments…

There were even free hugs all around when the afternoon ended. When it was time for Alex to go home, I noticed Kyle’s expression that he really did not want Alex to leave. As for Alex, it took Linda a bit of prompting to get Alex to follow her into the lift.

Kyle and Mum will be looking forward to the next get together really soon.

As for Kyle, his latest obsession is crayons. He has discovered the wonders of scribbling on paper, and to my dismay, as well as to the rest of the table. Thank goodness for washable crayons, one of the best inventions after diapers…

(there are some problems with the formatting of the paragraphs in this entry, the untidyness of the layout is driving me nutts…)

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