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Of birthdays and presents

K is the resident candle blower for all the family birthday celebrations. The little boy has acquired the skill of blowing lighted candles (without any spittle from his breath), after numerous afternoons spent bubble-blowing with Mummy.

We celebrated dh’s birthday on Friday and Saturday. Initially dh mentioned that he was not keen to have any cake for his birthday, but ended up buying himself a cake, so that he could get K to show off his candle blowing skill at his mom’s place on Saturday.

Dh and I spent some couple-time on Friday night celebrating his birthday over dinner at The Prime Society, a cosy steak place at Dempsey Road. Pretty pricey at $100 per head, but great ambience, relatively good food and good service.

Loved the candelier-like lights and the wall art, which gave the establishment an art-deco feel.

Dh and I shared a brownie which the service staff presented to him with a lighted candle, given to us on the house. It was nice for them to take note when I mentioned to them that ‘it will be birthday celebration’ when I called to make reservations. So for the great service, we will be back…since dh is a major steak-eater.

So what is dh’s birthday present this year? I planned to give dh his birthday present at the end of the night, however, I just could not resist when K wore his b/w car t-shirt in the afternoon. When K saw the pic, he look at his t-shirt, then glanced back at the painting and started to cry. He was not consoled until dh explained to him that it was a painting of ‘Dada and Kyle.’ Probably he was confused to see this painting of a kid looking like him and wearing his t-shirt.

Of course dh loved the painting, although the first question he asked was, “Why does K’s lips looks like that?” My answer to him was “Haven’t you noticed how K’s lips look like? The artiste Paul Koh who created this piece of painting was quite accurate in depicting K’s pink and luscious lips 😛

Dh remarked that this is the best present he has received from me. Well, I guess I outdid myself this time, it is going to be tough to think about what to buy for him next year. Maybe another painting from Paul, this time of the three of us? What can I say, I am not exactly the most creative when it comes to birthday presents.

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No frills playhouse

I got a refrigerator box 3 weeks ago, and the fridge does not come with it.

I have no plans to become a karung guni part time. Although, I suppose some people in the mall who saw me carrying the box probably thought that I was just a cheap housewife trying to earn some extra change from the karung guni, besides giving him my old newspapers.

Thanks to my advanced estimation skills, I had this great plan to load the refrigerator box into my car and then drive the car below to my apartment block. However, never did I expect that the box could barely fit into the car. I tried for like 2 mins turning the box vertically, then horizontally. Then I had this mild epiphany, that the refrigerator box is longer than my car and the width is too broad to fit in the car door…truly my Mr.Bean moment…

I carried the box back to the first floor of the mall, while stopping for a few minutes to rest my arms and to catch my breath. Along the way, got stared at by many people in the mall. Although the box was made of corrugated cardboard, it was not light and walking 500 meters home from the mall with a huge box was quite strenuous. On the way home, I told myself that it will be the last time I will be carrying a refrigerator box home. Well, there is always dh who can help the next time…

I spent about 1 and a half hours cutting out the roof, doors and windows and made a recyclable playhouse for K.

Inside the house, I pasted 2 tap lights and hung a clipped-on fan on the roof as it can rather stuffy when K closes the ‘door’. The playhouse can be easily folded and kept for easy storage, much more space saving than the $300+ plastic playhouse that are sold at Toys R Us.

I was thinking of pasting some wallpaper over the exterior to make it look brighter, although it seems K does not seem to mind how it looks now.

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20 months

K turned 20 months last week. He is starting to express himself more efficiently, often surprising me with new words every other day. He loves to be read to every night before bed time, his recent favorite is ‘The Ear Book’ by Al Perkins, that has alot of sound effects.

K always makes sure that his toy Mickey is seated in front of the book and he will attempt to read the book Mickey. He will make relevant sounds effects on cue from each page.
He gets absolutely thrilled by his ability to blow off lighted candles from the birthday cake, which he recently demonstrated at Uncle Nick’s and dh’s birthday celebration.

The fussy eater surfaces once in a while, usually during meal times at home or Nana’s house. He never seems to have any problem finishing all his food when we are out eating. I am still rather puzzled by that.

He chooses to sign to indicate that he prefers to be carried than walk by himself. I often get arm-aches after carrying him for a few minutes, as this toddler is getting really heavy.

He will rather be carried,walk or run but not sit in the stroller, the stroller has been relegated to being a push trolley for bags and other stuff.

Once in a blue moon, he turns into a cranky and difficult toddler. I am starting to see little glimpses of the terrible two’s behaviour…still keeping my fingers tightly crossed that terrific two’s will show himself most of the other times.

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