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Uggs are still in

…according to K, worn in the house.
“Ugging” around the house with his pair of Uggs, recently bought by Dad from Perth.
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What is the chinese new year like for Mr. 22 months

K tried his hand at prawning on the 2nd day of lunar new year, but was not too thrilled when he came face to face with the prawn…

Most of the time, K was eyeing the prawns suspiciously and refused to let any prawns come near him.

When we visited grandpa and grandma in the evening. K found a new friend; the PSP handheld, and was hoping that uncle Jo will just lend it to him, even just for a little while.

K have shown that he can take a better picture than his dad (sometimes), judging from these 2 pics he took at Grand pa’s house.

When he visited Godpa’s family the next morning, he displayed his sensitive new age guy traits when he blatantly ignored what Dad and Godpa said, “Don’t play with girls’ toys. ” Needless to say, he enjoyed himself when he played cooking and caring for baby doll with Rae-anne.

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How to keep a toddler busy on a Saturday morning

1. Give him a box of sand, some containers and spades

2. Put up mahjong paper on the wall and some spray bottles filled with water and paint

3. Get him to do the cleaning up after his spray paint activity

Disclaimer : Not that I encourage child labour, as K is a 100% willing party. Besides, I think this is his favorite part of the morning, since he spent a full 20 minutes cleaning the walls and sweeping the floor.

4. Cultivate his love for nature with indoor gardening

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