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Mr. B.L.X.

Don't be fooled by that mischievious glint in his eyes. Beneath that cheeky looking face lies a sensitive little heart.


K has a nick coined by dh; B.L.X, which is the acronym for 波離心 in han yu pin yin. Whenever he is disciplined for his mis-behaviour, he cries like it is the end of the world and it seems like we are such cruel parents. I always felt that he used his tears as a weapon to inflict guilt and make us go a bit easy on the discipline.

Since he has only joined his pre-school for about a month, I did not have to participate in the parents-teacher meeting and got a call from his teacher instead. Our conversation went like this :


Mrs Phua  : 

Mrs Ng, Kyle has adjusted very well to school.

He is a very sociable boy, extremely helpful as well, always offers to help the teachers in class.

(I was grinning from ear to ear when I heard this, but braced myself for what will come next. Preschool teachers are trained to manage the parents by first, sharing the good points of the child and then dishing out the not so nice things).


Mrs Phua : 

You know being sociable, he tends to like to talk to his friends, likes to sits close to his friends and sometimes disturbs them (I expected this, since our Sunday School experience). But you know, some children don't like that (hmm…okay, he is a tad bit irritating). He tends to snatch toys when he wants to play with it, and the girl will be screaming at the top of her lungs (not a gentleman yet, I guess, besides boys are a minority in his class). So we will put him in the quiet corner for a few minutes  However he does cry very easily when we do that, and he will always cry and say, "I will not do that again." Also he is quite active and tends to get very excited, so we will put him in the quiet corner to calm him down before starting the activity (already a frequent visitor of the quiet corner in just under a month?).


Me :

So after being at the quiet corner so often, is his behaviour improving?


Mrs Phua :

Uh uh…yes a little bit (this means that there hasn't been much change of behaviour). Don't worry we will continue to guide him and one more thing, he is also a very vocal child.


Me :

You know since he is an only child, he gets very little social exposure except those times when he is in school. I will really need your help to guide him in his social skills.


When I shared this with dh, his comments were "Mister BLX strikes again!" and when I shared this with Nana, she laughed out loud. I don't know where was the hilarity in it, maybe grand-parents really do see things quite differently. I have to see the positiveness of the feedback and remind myself that I have a real sensitive child despite his obstinate and strong-willed personality. As for his lack of social skills, I am not majorly concerned over it, as I think it will improve over time as he learns and develops empathy, as well as given more opportunities for interaction, guidance and role-playing at home.

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Children’s Season 2010 @ the Museum

We visited Children's Season 2010 at the National Museum of Singapore for the first time and I have to say that the exhibits were not too exciting for a 3-4 year old.

The first installation Public Power; '…the public is encouraged not only to arrange and play with these objects as visual elements; they are also encouraged to put things in them: private things, messages, secrets, secrets made public. Like a message in a bottle, this action helps the contributor to take the burden off carrying a secret, giving light to the phrase “the truth is out there…'

The big idea behind the installation was probably too complex for a 3-5 year old to comprehend, well, probably even a 8-12 year old. The kids kept themselves busy removing and taking off the 'magnetised' boxed off the walls.


The second installation 'The Imaginary Storyland' was little more fun for the kids; '…A delightful play area where the young ones can feel, touch, play and build stories using soft sculptures and shapes on a giant flannel storyboard..' It was also the place where the kids spent the most time.


It was also where K and Joyce got a chance to dress up as a little flower and a rooster.


The final exhibit was a cartoon mural, planned to be an '…interactive platform for parents, grandparents and educators to pass on personal stories of the past to their young, and build new memories inspired by the drawings on the mural.' The kids got inspired by the paper and pencil that were provided there (and not the cartoon mural) and did their own drawings. 


Overall I have to say that it is a good effort on the part of National Museum. But I think that installations were generally more suited for kids 8 years old and above and not for most pre-schoolers. National Museum should learn from places like this, this and this to create spaces that children can truly learn through play.

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Home-learning made easy

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the new website;!

If you are parent of a 18 month – 6 years old child, is THE resource to go to home-learning. You will find a chockful of activities and ideas to teach your toddler or preschooler at home. With, you really don't need to be an educator to be able to teach your child at home.

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