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The Ant


The Black Ant

I have been looking forward to this since the start of the week; K's first school performance! Prior to this evening, K only divulged that he will be dressing up as a black ant, then refused to show me his dance, but told me that he will be performing a dance to the tune of "Nobody". It was also the first time I saw him dressed up in his ant costume.

Dh and I did not get good seats in the hall, so this shaky and blurred video was my best attempt to capture scenes of his performance :( K is the 1st black ant on the left of the stage.

The Ants with Hi Ho and Nobody from Rachel T on Vimeo.


I did managed to squeeze myself to the side of the aisle during the finale and got better footage. K is the second ant from the right.

Finale : I can fly from Rachel T on Vimeo.

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Spirituality has always been a big part of my life. For me, it is not a religion but a relationship; a relationship with my Creator, thankfulness in a Saviour who has redeemed me from the abyss of hopelessness + sin and the full assurance and joy that the promises of my future that are given in me through my belief in Christ.

God has been very real in my life and Christianity for me explains more about my life and the world than any other system of belief I’ve encountered, so naturally, I will want to share this hope for our lives with my child. We talk about the wonders of creation, how good God is to us, how we should love friends and other people around us even when they are not lovable.  For a 3 year old, he is confident that God is real, when our prayers for good weather are answered 100% of the time, whenever the activities for the day are planned for outdoors.

One morning, dh told me that K said this to him when he woke up, "Daddy, I had a dream, I dream of Jesus. I love Him and I believe in Him!"

Dh thought it was really cute, while the hairs of my arms and back of the neck started to stand when I heard that from dh. I started bombarding K with a barrage of questions,

Mom  :   "What does Jesus look like?" 

Kyle   :   "He is handsome, with a beard."

Mom  :   "Did he say anything to you."

Kyle   :   "No, he smiled at me and I know He is Jesus and I know He wants me to sleep well, because Jesus also likes to sleep!"

For skeptics, this may sound like a 3 year old dream. For me, it sounded that K has his first spiritual encounter and I was deeply touched that our Saviour answered my prayer for my child to know Him more.

The next evening, K randomly told me this, "I know God wants Uncle Nick to believe in Him."

I am beginning to suspect that my little one has his own direct line to God, something which I may not be even privy to…in fact, I have yet to dream about Jesus in my whole 30+ years of life, despite asking every once in a blue moon in my prayers for Him to speak to me in my dreams :)

Despite that I don't need to see to know that God is real and Christianity is demonstrably true, as He has proven Himself countless times that He is a true God and can be fully depended on with my life.

Do you ever wonder why Christians tend to be rather irritating and are always asking people to believe in their God, or maybe you think we are a group of silly people who couldn’t deal with reality? Do you have the courage to find out if the God that Christians talk about is really true? Ask Him and you will surprise how He will show it to you.

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On bibs

We were having Spaghetti Marinara for lunch at a cafe and I took a paper napkin and told K that we have to use it to make sure he does not stain his shirt while eating…

Mum   :   "Let's use this as a bib, so that you don't stain your shirt with the spaghetti sauce"

Kyle    :    "It's not a bib, it is a paper napkin.

Mum  :    "Ok, it's a paper napkin bib."

Kyle   :    "It's a paper napkin, not a bib, mummy. Only babies wear bibs and I am not a baby. I am a big boy."

Ok…he is really growing up too fast.

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