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Something to think about

Lights off.

Having our usual chat in his room before sleeping.


K        :   Why are some children not sweet to their mummy?

Mum  :   Sweet?

K        :   Like me (he kisses my arm), I am always sweet to you

I realised he meant 'affectionate'.

Mum  :  Maybe sometimes the mummy and the child do not spend enough time with one another. Everyone is busy with their own things and they forget how to be sweet (affectionate) to one another.

You know children are growing up when they start asking questions that have answers ~ John J. Plomp

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Some tantrum


Looks like a terrible tantrum, doesn't it?

Have a look at this video and see how dramatic it got…

Tantrums from Rachel T on Vimeo.


Btw, the photos above were all taken by Kyle. He seemed to have mastered the technique of 'self photo-taking'.

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An Art Experience












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