Some time away

Away from home that is.

Blessed with free accomodation in 2 different hotels in 3 days, a first stay-cation for us. It was a thrill for K, who exclaimed many times during the first day at Resorts World about how he loved hotels and showed his appreciation "oohing and aah-ing" loudly when we checked in to the room for the first time.



We explored Festive walk the first night, just K and I (dh was attending a gala dinner), was not too thrilled by the selection of food available and headed back to Vivo for Ramen and sushi.

Headed towards Imbiah Lookout the next morning to check out the sights…




No thrills, no 3D shows, just beautiful nature for us nature lovers.




Displaying cheeky little poses for the camera along the way



A visit to the under-water world, always a part of our itinerary each time we are at Sentosa



More fancy poses along the way. I still can't figure out where he gets his inspiration from…




More 'waiting for the bus @ the bus stop' poses





We ended the evening with 'Songs of the Sea' which K absolutely hated.

After whining 'I want to go now', we left early and

missed the best part of the show; the finale with the fireworks.



Next morning, crazy queues for breakfast at Festive Walk so we hopped on the train back to Vivo for tea, pork floss toast and a game of 'Old Maid'



Checked out at 12pm and headed to our next stay-cation at Park Regis at Merchant Road



Pretty cool being the first to experience the rooms even before the hotel's grand opening…

Great place to stay for any business traveller.

And the people at Park Regis went that extra mile to prepare a room to ensure a comfortable stay for the 3 of us.



Lunch @ Central at the restaurant with the view of Clarke Quay.

Savoured the best Ramen in Singapore.

We really love our Japanese food, K and I…dh is left with little choice since majority wins 😉



The family had a great time at our first stay-cation, especially K.



The only complain that I have is of a stiff neck.

Been forced to sleep in strange positions on the hotel beds,

since K insisted on clinging to my arm for all three nights while sleeping…

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  1. Looked liked a good time, despite the stiff neck!

    Loved all those funny poses K made… so cute!
    .-= Jus´s last blog ..If you think this blog is dead =-.

    It was a good break…although I ended up with little sleep as well (often, it takes me a day before getting used to the bed at hotels)
    It is getting really hard to get him to show a ‘proper’ smile in the photos, he gives me lots of funny faces.

  2. Wow, what a treat! I wish for a stay-cation too!
    That was such a good break, isn’t it?!
    .-= Tin´s last blog ..The not-so-smart way of defending his actions =-.

    U can look out for deals at our local hotels…sometimes they have some good promotions with credit cards.


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