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On Christmas Eve…

Christmas for the family usually starts on the eve of Christmas day. A time when…

1. There will be a 'mountain-load' of presents waiting to be unwrapped



2. The most excited person in the family will be for sure Kyle, who will always get the priviledge of unwrapping one present before everyone else does.





3. We will enjoy a wonderful feast laid out for us, this year specially prepared by my brother, Nick.



4. Our furry family member will be drooling throughout the dinner…who unfortunately, got only a few tiny morsels.



5. Where the post-dinner before-dessert activity, will be distributing presents and then opening them…




6.  And a birthday celebration for very special person…




7. And more excitement that evening when K gets to dabble with his new toys



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Christmas Craft Week


K is not a very enthusiastic fan of craft, so I was quite pleased to be able to get him to work on more Christmas crafts this week and make Christmas cards for the family. I highly suspect his enthusiasm is link to the medium that we use in craft, and usually anything with cutting, glue-ing and pasting will get his approval.



It has been a productive week for me on my hand-mades. I finally finished the Christmas gifts and this was the last of the appliques that I made for the kids this afternoon.



Here's the result of my attempt at making novelties with felt; fridge magnets. This was fun to do, however a little challenging as the parts were so tiny.



Embroidery projects for my totes. Been working on 3 totes concurrently for myself, a good way to practice before I plan to 'force' my hand-made bags as gifts on friends and family. And I think one can never have too many totes 😉



My first needle felted project for another bag for myself, a relatively raw attempt but I was pleasantly surprise how easy it was to do.



There are still half a dozen of K's t-shirts that I plan to work on to be felt-appliqued, but for now will be taking a break from appliques and work on my totes and bags. I am like this maniac when it comes to doing hand-made things as I can work on 4-5 items concurrently, sewing can be so addictive.

Working on these Christmas hand-mades finally put me in this Christmas mood, I am listening to Christmas songs while writing out this post. Here's one of K's and my favorite Christmas songs; 


Here's wishing all friends a blessed and joyous Christmas. May you be filled with God's love and peace this season. Christmas is more than just parties, eating, drinking, meeting up with friends and family…remember, Jesus is the reason for Christmas! Blessed Christmas!


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1 ) A ride on a bus to town, while standing all 30 minutes of the whole journey. K was surprisingly patient and did not complain about being tired at all.

2) Travelled on the MRT with mum, his first ride on the train was with dh. He concluded that he liked the MRT better than the LRT, as it is much cooler in the airconditioned cabin of the train. (The last ride we had on the LRT was not too pleasant as the aircondition system broke down).



3) Visit to Bugis Junction. K has a very good memory when it comes to places that he has visited before, when we got to Bugis, his first remark was, "I have never been here before…"




4) It's been raining so often these few weeks, that it has been hard to find a good evening to fly a kite. We finally got around doing it this evening at West Coast Park.








5) Caught a glimpse of the sunset at West Coast



and got a little distracted by a stick he picked up from the ground. He decided that the stick was more fun than the kite…


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