Kyle is 4!


Janae doing colouring at the Dino activity table



Some toys to keep Seth and Joyce busy while waiting for their other friends



Wayne and Kyle waiting to get their Dino 'tattoos' on their arms



Alex and Kyle listening to the game instructions for the Dinosaur Hunting Game



Alex : Yeah! I found my first dinosaur counter…


kb17 that a dinosaur hiding under the plant?



Tim : Oh that's not my team's dinosaur, it must be yours



Dinosaur's cupcakes time!



Blowing out the candles on the cupcakes



Game 2 : Pin the tail on the dinosaur



Natalie : I almost got it right!



Game 3 : Linda, the sleeping dinosaur and her colourful eggs



Hb doubled up as the Balloon Man



Joy on Alex's face as she tries to grab hold of a balloon


Thanks to family and friends who were at Kyle's birthday party, we had a wonderful time…despite the craziness of having all 13 children in a room :) After this experience of planning the party and having an overload of printing and cutting dinosaurs' stuff, it will be a while before I think of having a party for Kyle in the subsequent years.

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  1. Happy Birthday Kyle!
    The Dinosaur’s cupcakes look too good to eat!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Tin!

  2. Happy 4th birthday Kyle! What a fun party you’ve had!

    Thanks Ing

  3. Happy belated birthday, Kyle! What a nice dinosaur-themed birthday party you had :) (I tried commenting earlier but it failed to get through)


  1. […] The last birthday party we had for K, with friends, was when he was four. Surrounded by excited 3-5 year olds running amok in the estate, having to break up fights along the way, and needing to calm an over-stimulated K who threw a tantrum halfway during the party, was not exactly my idea of a great time. […]