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When I read about other people's interior styles on the internet, I start to think about my interior preferences.

10 years ago when hb and I had our first home, we were into dark coloured furnishing as we wanted to have a clean, minimalistic space. The choice of minimalistic furnishing was apt for our lifestyle at that point in time. After staying in a minimalistic home for some time, I realised how much I did not want to live in a cookie cutter space with lots of clultter, but lacked any form of personal touches in aesthetics. So moving into our new space, I wanted to add alot more of my simple touches into the corners of the home.

So what's my personal style for the home in general? I use a neutral base, mainly from our existing furniture that we bought from our first home. One base colour of dark brown wood furniture (all from our minimalist style 10 years ago), then accentuate with happy colours in shades of yellow, mustard, sage. And add a bit of whimsicalness to that, with my fondness for nature-inspired details. All seen through frame pictures, fabric prints and things that I make and plan to make myself.

I have alot more old stuff (some which are hand-me-downs vintage gems from my mom), hardly any new stuff. And I make a point to put away alot that I don't like in cabinets and drawers and only highlight those that I like, so that solves the clutter at home. I am also blessed to have a hb that surrenders to my preferences for the home and he seems quite satisfied with the overall result 😉

The challenge that I encountered with this space is that since this place is rented, I have to work with existing space and fittings. The apartment is relatively clean with little built-ins, except for wardrobes and the landlord's ugly speaker fixtures on the ceiling in the living area.

Imagine having to live with 4 of these eyesores on the ceiling for the next 2 years…

So this is what I did….with a $2 paper lantern from daiso, decoupage and some treasured pieces from my fabric collection.


My fondness for nature-inspired details is reflected in my choice of fabric for the lanterns and art prints, which are printed reproductions of original artwork by Etsy artists. All of these picture frames are from Ikea, that previously housed some of my photographic prints of nature from the nature walks that Kyle and I have taken,

I don't have green fingers, so I get easy to maintain, budget house plants from Ikea, so as to introduce more greenery into the living area.

For that bit of fun lighting into the living area, this 'home-made' lamp jar is the first thing I see when I enter the house from the main door. I used a $2 glass jar, christmas lights that I purchased 2 years ago and shells that Kyle collected from our resort holidays a while ago.

I am not one that follows interior trends, as I find that a home needs to reflect the personality of the people living there. Decorating a home takes time and it is important to allow our home to grow along with us and our needs. Most of all, decorating needs heart, it is best to follow one's passions and preferences, and not to simply copy whatever that is seen on the internet, or only select everything from a certain store. Afterall, what makes a house a home? It is all in the details you see, that will add warmth and your own personality into the space that you can call your own.

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  1. Awesome ideas Rach! :)

    Thanks dear for the encouragement, hehe…I only just discovered the joys of decorating 😛

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing a part of your interior decor with us… hope to see more :)
    .-= mamabliss´s last blog ..Lesson Learned? =-.

    Thanks for the compliments. Interior decorating seems to be quite a rewarding way to put our crafting interest to good use…haha. Still taking my time to decorate a corner at a time, but it has been really fun so far.

  3. love the idea of the lanterns and the detail you injected into this shared space. and “decorating needs heart” is motivating me to continue to personal-touch other corners of my home:). thanks for sharing!

    Hi PC, I would really look forward to see more of your creations for your home :)

  4. Good job!! Love how cozy it makes the home feel…

    Thanks Joyce!