Moving on

Feeling slightly poignant this evening while I am typing this post, as I realise that the same time next week, I will be in a different environment and a different home.

Our house that we call a home the last few years have been a comfortable place…and it has given our family lots of memories to cherish. Good ones and even the not so good ones. This is the place where we stayed in when hb and I got married and the home that Kyle had stayed in since he was a few days old. It has served us well these years.

Packing our belongings the last 2 weeks have not been easy, for the sheer tediousness of it anyhow. I have always been the 'thrower' in the house, mainly due the reason that I hate clutter and I think that things that are not used for a year have usually are 'white elephants', and thus should be given away or thrown if cannot be used any longer. This experience have been a hard one for me, especially when I see so much of the stuff (often unnecessary) that we bought have to be given away.

Putting stuff away does really help with moving on. It is not easy to let go of something that we are so used to for so many years. There is a slight tinge of sadness to leave this home, but I know the close of this chapter in our family life means a fresh start of a new chapter in our lives.

So far, all of our responses toward this change have been positive. Hb and I both agree that the new place is slowly growing on us, despite crazily unpacking our stuff into the new wardrobes of the mostly unfurnished house the last couple of days. While Kyle  told me that he loved his room and think that it is very cosy. It is good to know that he is looking forward to moving to a new environment, when I was initially apprehensive about how he will be handling the change.

I am definitely looking forward to a new environment and new routines, one that involves walking Kyle to school every morning and another which consists of a dedicated craft/sewing area in the home.

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  1. wow so exciting, congrats!

    It’s been a exciting yet extremely experience so far…but sometimes I suppose changes are for the better.

  2. I’m finding it very hard to declutter too, but I do agree that the process is a stress-reliever. All the best for the move! :)

    Indeed it is tough to de-clutter when u are already living in the home for some time. Maybe one of the best ways is to make it a routine to de-clutter at least every 6 months…that’s what I plan to do. Most of us them to accumulate too much after a short time.


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