@ 4 years, 11 months and 19 days

Showing his new dance styles

At 4 years, 11 months and 19 days, he tends to be a tad bit boisterous, has a slapstick-type of humour and fidgets non-stop when he is awake.

And he loves to dance and sing to his own self-composed songs. Which can be rather entertaining to see him prance around the house and sing at the top of his voice, alot.

Kyle's Dance Styles

He spends most alternate days in the week co-sleeping with us these days :( Somehow on the onset of turning 4 years old, he decided that sleeping with his parents in the same room, is more fun then sleeping by himself in his own room.

This is just one of the conversations we had recently, before bedtime in my room.

Kyle ; You know, I like to be with you and daddy, that's why I like to sleep in your room. Do you know that I think of you when I am sleeping in my room at night?

Mom : Why do you need to think of me when I am just next door?

Kyle : Because I miss you. You never think of me?

Mom : Nope, when I sleep, I sleep soundly, I don't think of anyone of anything.

Kyle : How can you not think of me, when I think about you!

Mom : You are not suppose to be awake anyway at night, so what are you doing awake and thinking of me?

Kyle : You never think of me when I am not in the room with you. I am very sad.

So there is this softie sentimental side of him. Which I tend to experience a little too much of, when he clings to my left arm when he sleeps with dh and I in our room…

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  1. I absolutely love this video (and the names of the steps too)
    He has dancing feet and a great sense of rhythm

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Kole for the compliments on Kyle.

  2. Cute conversation! Kyle’s such a sweet boy. Is he always saying stuff that melts your heart?
    Joce´s last blog post ..Lessons on Wheels

    Rachel Reply:

    Sometimes he shows this enduring quality to him which shows how much of a softie at heart he is, my hb calls him 玻璃心, ‘Glass heart’. While most other times, he is just super active and loud.