Are you an addict?

This is no good.

This space have been a little too silent for the last 2 months.

Is it a serious case of writer's block which doesn't seem to be letting up,
or the 'photographer' in me has not been taking much photos?

Anyhow, I have come to a conclusion, if there is no exciting news or milestones or moody musing, or anything informative to share, just don't. Also, Kyle and I don't lead very exciting lives at this moment, maybe this space will get alot more updated information in March during the school holidays? Maybe.

Actually the truth is, I spend alot more time in Facebook then being in my wordpress blog account. I seemed to have taken to the real time feed and direct interaction of microblogging through these other social media sites, then taking the time to blog.

Blogging tends to be alot more tedious and it's hard to do a proper post from my mobile phone.

Like what Pauline said recently, social media is like TV (for people with short attention spans), while blogs are like print/newspaper (for people with more time to read or searching for more information).

Facebook is still the network du jour, and is definitely more popular with the females then the males. So then, are you addicted to facebook? I regularly check friends status, update my own, update pics but have less than 400 friends and I don't play games on FB. So phew! I cannot be considered an addict!

But hey. do add me as a friend on FB if u don't mind sharing a wee bit more of your life online with me. Look for me at

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  1. Hi just sent you a friend req after reading yr blog. You may not know me but I do enjoy yr blog :)

    Rachelto Reply:

    Hi Chuyan,
    Great to be connected to u on FB, will look forward to getting know u better and opportunities to chat thru FB.