March Marvellous March

The word 'Marvellous' actually can be spelled two ways. One with a single 'L' and another with a double 'L'. Yeah..I know, very random. But whoever said that blogging was brainless. I do sometimes do spell checks when the words start looking a bit queer to me on the screen.

Is this something new that you have learnt today? If yes, then this blog have fulfilled one of my objectives of making this blog informative. This blog can be personal, sharing dribs and drabs of my life, my son Kyle, my interests, my musings but moving forward, I will attempt to make it more informative. It's boring to just read my thoughts most of the time. So its better to share stuff that I have learnt along the way, that could be really random or might elicit this thought of "Oh, this is useful" or "I never knew that…". It is just one of my weak attempts of making this blog alot more useful, to contribute to a better internet surfing experience for anyone who might come along and read my posts.

To jumpstart this March, I have just posted an article on on LEARN+PLAY-worthy activities that moms/dads can explore with their preschoolers/primary-schoolers during the March school holidays. There is at least 1 place a day that u can check out from 9th March to 18th March in Singapore, from FREE activities to economical activities under $15.00. Useful, if you have little idea of what to do this March holiday with your kids, and if you are like me, with shallow pockets. Sure, I would love to go to Universal Studios, watch children's plays, sign up for drama or art courses, but I am sadly limited by my budgets for the month. Anyhow, this post proves that you don't need lots of money for your kids to have fun.

This March school holidays, Kyle and I will be busy checking out some new places and I will follow with reviews and pictures of our March adventures. Going to make sure it is a fun one for him, since it could likely be the few times I will be able to spend a full week with him for the school holidays.

So here's to a Marvellous March ahead!

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