I have been hooked on taking photos daily with Instagram ever since I got the 4s 2 weeks ago.

Did some blog visiting this evening and realised that there are fellow mommy bloggers who are also having tremendous fun snapping photos with the app, namely, PC, Evelyn and Janie.

I am quite thrilled by the resolution of the photos that are taken from the phone and I have so much fun with this app. If you are on Instagram and want to join in the fun of participating in the photo a day meme, just add the hash tags of #photoaday right behind your photo description.

I didn’t participate in this meme, as I take too many photos a day with Instagram :)

Instagram is a fabulous way to train your eye for photo-taking and improve photo composition. For more tips on taking better photos with Instagram, Evelyn has featured a really useful post on it.

So what are the kind of photos that I take? Here’s my Instagram photos for the past 2 weeks.


















It is usually the boy, his stuff, nature, food and occasionally things that I encounter daily which I think are visually interesting for me.

If you don’t post all your Instagram photos to Facebook, and wonder how you might be able to retrieve all your Instagram feed of photos, there is a site online that helps you to retrieve all the photos. Do check out Webstagram for all your photos.

Oh, and do add me as a friend on Instagram, my profile is @catchfortywinks. Would really love to see and LIKE or Comment on your photos too 😉



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  1. Your pictures rock! And thanks for sharing Webstagram (how come I don’t about this?!;p) and linking up. Btw, I notice that Janice and you using the same template, how or where to get the template of 5 (pix) in a frame?

    I guess my life very much tied up with your ladies (and all the kids) now, but I love how sometime I get to ease my self by reading some sharing or seeing some beautiful pictures. Will share my Instagram, after I do some cleanup in my accoutnt ;).
    pc´s last blog post ..Puddle and Pebble

    Rachel Reply:

    THanks PC. Still learning how to take better photos overall :) I got this from an app online, known as pic frame. Totally agree that the enjoyment of using Instagram is to really to look at many wonderful and amazing photographs tat other people take.

  2. Hey Rachel, thanks for the links! :) I also like your shoe pics, tried doing those before but I have really wrinkly feet! Instagram really is loads of fun; I’ve had an account for a long time but didn’t add anyone… it’s nice to discover community there as well!

    Rachel Reply:

    U are welcome Evelyn, I love the retro feel of your photos :)

  3. Ya can see all your pix on my feed daily 😉

    Normally each time I post a pix on instagram, it gets saved to my photo album rightaway.

  4. Heya! Love those pics! :) Instagram rocks doesn’t it! Since I started using it, my SLR has been sadly neglected! ;P Keep snapping, already following you!
    Jus´s last blog post ..Saturday scrapping: A few things

  5. I’m kinda hooked on instagram too ever since I started playing with it recently. :) Love your photos! I think you have an artistic flair! :)
    Ing´s last blog post ..woodlands waterfront

  6. the reason i switched to iPhone from a BB was partly due to the Instagram app! i LOVE the filters.
    Candice´s last blog post ..little milestones in learning

    Rachel Reply:

    I didn’t realize that Instagram was so fab until I switched to my iPhone…and there are so many other photography apps on the phone that are fantastic to use as well.

  7. yes it’s very addictive… welcome to IG
    catfong´s last blog post ..My Little Princess!

    Rachel Reply:

    Yes absolutely. Love wat I see in the pictures shared in the community of IG-mmers

  8. catfong: yes it’s very addictive… welcome to IG

    catfong´s last blog post ..My Little Princess!

  9. You’ve got a talent there! :) The IG app shows us that we don’t necessarily need an expensive camera to take nice photos – it’s about composition, finding an interesting angle, and developing a creative eye – and I see that in what you captured and I like them!
    Ruth´s last blog post ..Conversations

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Ruth. I am still learning the finer points of composition and I still make major mistakes from time to time. Dying to explore a photography class to improve my existing skills of photography though.