Is my child an iPhone/iPad addict?

Apr12 01

Recently, I took the plunge to change into an IOS platform, after being an Android user since the smartphone came into the scene.

It has been a bane so far.

Hb is addicted to the games on iPhone, and got himself one, with a dual SIM with his blackberry. All just for downloading and playing games on it. And it does not help that he plays games on it when he is at home, and Kyle spent the last 1 hour before his afternoon nap yesterday, just staring at hb’s phone while he played the games!

I could not tolerate seeing that, so I told hb off. That he needed to work with me to ensure that Kyle does not get an addiction to the phone. It really does not help much when I am the only one following through the rules at home, and that Kyle is only allowed to go on the computer for less than 2 hours a week. And can only play the games on the iPhone while we are waiting for our food to be served when dining out.

It seems that having an iPhone addiction is a lot more common than I think it is, i chanced these photos on the internet :

Screen Shot 2012 04 02 at 2 50 48 PM

Trick or treating in an iPhone costume


Screen Shot 2012 04 02 at 2 57 09 PM

Cufflinks in iphone style


Screen Shot 2012 04 02 at 2 57 24 PM

Why would anyone wear a iPhone design earring?

It is tackiness at its best


Screen Shot 2012 04 02 at 2 58 01 PM

A cake for the iPhone obsessed


Screen Shot 2012 04 02 at 2 58 41 PM

A table, I will get a headache just by looking at it


Screen Shot 2012 04 02 at 2 59 01 PM

What happened to good old sandcastles?


How can you tell that your child might show the signs of addiction, here are some ways;

1. Shows obvious signs of irritance, when you tell him/her to stop playing on the iPhone.

2. When you arrived home from work, your child does not bother greet you but only wants the iPhone from your bag or hand (this actually happened to a friend, but it was for the iPad)

3. If denied access to the iPhone, he/she will scream endlessly or throw a tantrum until given the phone.

4. He/she willing to sacrifice outfoor time, just to play on the iPhone/ipad.


One of the best way to prevent iPhone/ipad addiction is to limit your child’s time using it. I don’t believe in banning the use of it totally, as children need to be taught how to manage their impulses and learn self control.

Try to limit it to the most a few times a week, about 30 minutes to 1 hour each time. And if you can help it, don’t even start letting your child play with the phone if your child is below 3. As most kids below of the age of 3 are not able to manage their impulses yet, and self control is a concept that they cannot quite understand at their age. Trying to distract the child away from the iPhone will not help, as iPhone is probably the most effective distraction that has been invented to date.

Do find ways to keep your child actively engaged in other activities at home like doing craft and art, playing board games, doing pretend play, or simply doing read alouds together. And encourage them to run outside and have fun in the outdoors on a regular basis.

So, repeat after me, “My iPhone or iPad is not a baby-sitter for my child.” As for the iPad, forget it, there is no way I will allow it in my home.

So do you have a challenge keeping your child away from smartphone devices? How do you prevent him/her from being addicted to the iPhone/Android, do share here!


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  1. I’m almost ashamed to comment in this post cos my girl is a iPhone addict. It’s my helper. It’s my saviour. It is what ultimately helped us get my daughter to start eating again when she suddenly went on a food strike when she was 1+ yr old (when we relocated from US back to SG). It has helped in so many ways that I will not think of taking it away from her. *okay, you can condemn me now* Sigh… But I’m glad my girl still prefers outdoor and other activities when there’s an option. Like she’ll be playing with the iPhone, but when we say it’s time to gai-gai, she’ll drop it and run to the door. When I said it’s time to put it away and read a book together, she’ll do just that. No tantrums etc. Just hope it stays this way…
    Ming´s last blog post ..Kid-speak: See my Poo-Poo?

    Rachel Reply:

    No condemnation at all. It is a good thing that she chooses outdoor activities over the tech item, so that in a way doesn’t really constitute hardcore addiction :)