Wandering Wednesday

Decided this morning that I should get my butt off the couch to do something about my exercise regime, so I took on the challenge to walk up Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

So I put on my sports shoes, carried a haversack with my camera and 50mm lens, together with the my smart phone and ‘tracked’ up the hill. Actually it was not such a good idea to bring the camera, I sure worked up a sweat tracking up the hill and got the heart rate beating a bit faster than usual, but was really distracted by what I discovered along the way.

IMG 6060

IMG 6070

IMG 6077

It got progressively worse as I walked higher up the hill, I started to slow down, as my attention got a lot more distracted ‘micro-wise’ with the details that I noticed around me.

IMG 6116

Wanted to kick myself for not bringing the other camera lens when I spotted this spider web. This was probably the best the 50mm lens could do :(

IMG 6134

IMG 6143

IMG 6149Wild Fungi everywhere


IMG 6164These small wildflowers were everywhere too, known as Common Asytasia


IMG 6173Did u know that we have our own form of daisies locally? Which is another common wildflower, known as the Yellow Creeping Daisy


Screen Shot 2012 04 11 at 2 54 32 PM

So then, what happened to the exercise? I made it only to the halfway mark, with aching knees (well I fractured my knees before!), while many other senior citizens brisk walk passed me really quickly…

So I sort of got my exercise started this week 😛

Do share when was the last time you exercised or took a nature walk in one of our local parks?


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  1. Ummm… the last time I took a nature walk?

    School excursion!! Ayoh *hides face in shame*

    Have never been an outdoorsy person, and till now the hubs still blames me for making him pile on the pounds since we got together! (He’s the nature loving outdoor person)

    So… as all things go, the boy LOVES nature and is an active bundle of energy. Looks like Mummy will have to tag along on a nature walk soon.

    Beautiful pics, Rachel! Makes me look forward to the idea of getting some nature walk done with the boys :)

    Rachel Reply:

    I didn’t used to be an outdoorsy person either, until Kyle turned 1 and a half. I used to be so afraid of the sun, and getting freckles on my face. But ever since I discovered wide brim hats + the wonders of what I can observe from the nature, I have learnt to tolerate the hot weather and enjoy nature walks. Nature walks are also beneficial for building observation skills and attention spans in little ones, so that’s another motivation to spend some time outdoors in nature.

  2. I love your outdoor pix!

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Kristie!

  3. Good for your Rach, you finally got out and got your dose of exercise. How does that feel? Keep doing it and soon it will become a habit that’s hard to kick.
    Susan´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday – Sitting is killing you

    Rachel Reply:

    Haha…if u can consider this exercise. Well, at least I climbed half of the hill. Will be taking baby steps to continue this exercise regime…will be reading your vertical marathon updates for additional motivation to keep this up :)

  4. Ok, this is definitely another one adding into my non-malls-outing-list!
    I have to kick my butt to do nature walk there (while chasing after the kids)!
    pc´s last blog post ..Puddle and Pebble

    Rachel Reply:

    Hehe..go for the kid/family friendly area there instead. The hill is very steep generally and may not be suitable for the young ones.