Little Neanderthal

K’s behavior at 5 sometimes remind me of a Neanderthal.

His speech and antics can be quite amusing, especially when he is at a stage where he is still learning social graces and what not to do or say;

1. All sweaty after 2 hours at the playground – “Do you know that I am salty? I smell salty and I licked myself, it is very salty.”

2. No qualms about eating booger – “I tasted it, it is definitely salty. And I swallowed it too.”

3. Hoping to go to his friend’s house – “When can I go to Joshy’s house? Why is it that I have to wait till he invites me? Ok, I will tell him tomorrow that he needs to invite me.”

4. Poses in front of the mirror naked – “I think I am strong, I look strong…” Then struts around the room with superhero poses while naked.

5. About his old tennis coach  – “Is Uncle John old? He looks old, older than granddad or Nana. Is he going to die?”



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  1. I can relate to all the above! Is it a Boy’s thing for #1 & #2? YUCKS! Mine give me an excuse tt because he is hungry tts why he eat it *foams in the mouth*
    DinoMama´s last blog post ..Starting a War with the Cold Blooded THING

    Rachel Reply:

    Haha…I suspect so. THey have no qualms in doing gross stuff :)

  2. K is so cute…haha!
    Amie´s last blog post ..Smooth Transition From Milk Bottle To Cup

    Rachel Reply:

    Shocking words sometimes, which are so comical at the same time :)

  3. So funny! Quite the character isn’t he lol
    Madeline´s last blog post ..Revisit the Past, Shoot for the Future

    Rachel Reply:

    Yes, he is so full of antics. Will be looking forward to hearing more of J’s talk when she grows older :)

  4. Haha hope he didn’t get his strutting around naked idea from his dad. This put a smile on my face. I should bring back my kids talk on my blog again and record the things that Sophie says too.
    Susan´s last blog post ..Motivational Monday {Linky Party} – Parenting with Love

    Rachel Reply: is Kyle’s own idea…he doesn’t seem to feel shy walking around the house half naked most of the time. Yes, u really should start writing down Sophie’s funny talk as well. The things that kids say are so comical and priceless

  5. Kyle is so funny! And I always love his very expressive photos :)
    Joce´s last blog post ..To Be Or Not To Be

    Rachel Reply:

    My life is hardly dull having a kid like Kyle :)