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Photo *Heart* Fridays – Quality Time

Museum 1

Time spent together one weekday afternoon 23 Aug 2012

– Photo self-taken with IPhone in front of the National Museum


Life almost moves like a time lapse movie these days. Day to day details are sometimes forgotten and easily lost, we move from moment  to moment, but we don’t really remember what happened between this event and another.

I don’t really want to spend my life like that. Where moments are easily forgotten and I just spend my days rushing from place to place, and checking off my to-do list.

We slowed down this week.

I decided that school can wait, and I will spend quality time with my little guy doing stuff that we both thoroughly enjoy.

Despite fighting over the audio guide in the museum, since the museum assumed that kids below 7 could not understand or have the children’s audio guide by themselves :(. And both making ‘tsk’ sounds ever so often when his/my side of the earphone kept falling off, whenever we decided to walk in different directions.

It wasn’t perfect, but I am thankful of the quality time spent together nonetheless.


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Bad Art does not exist

Is there such a thing as bad art?

Actually I think there is, just that I chose not to tell Kyle that his art or any art that he sees is lousy.

Why delude the child?

Simply because a child needs to know that the goal of creating art is the process of discovery, experimentation and fun.


I still believe in this, especially for my photography or the little handmade creations that I make sometimes.

It doesn’t matter that we draw or paint, or take photographs which are not very nice, what matters is the process.

I tell my son K that he can be an artist, every creation that he draws or paint is interesting /special /unique /different /colourful /dark /strange sometimes, but it is still art.

Art involves being curious, observing things, invention, passion and most of all it take courage. Courage to create. I tend to think that creativity is not something that few are born with, rather, it is an aspect of life that some nourish and others ignore.

K’s experience in his new art school HeART Studio, has been such an encouragement that I am going to continue to help him nourish his creativity by continuing his art enrichment lessons.

The process started out with this,



Went on to this, all in one lesson…



Proceeded to this in the second lesson,


Indeed, Art is not about the product but the process, despite believing in this, I am still surprised and very pleased with what K created.

Even his symbolic art attempts are alot more detailed these days.

Photo 1This one has a color key


Photo copyWhile for this, he spent 1 hour drawing and coloring in the patterns and told me that he want to continue this artwork in a separate session.

Previously with his limited exposure to only open-ended approaches that I often do with him at home, I hear this too often, “I don’t know how to draw this, please show me…” I am not trained in art, so I find it a challenge to model the right techniques that he can learn.

Exposure to the right art techniques has given him the confidence to draw more often, challenged him to explore draw varied pictures, improved his observation skills and attention span tremendously. He is able to sit by himself, draw and color his own creations for more than one and a half hours at a time.

With the right techniques taught in art, if Mr. ‘I draw only stickmen’ can do this, there is definitely hope for this mom too!

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Photo *Heart* Fridays – Ambiguity


I always wanted a happy ending… Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity.

::  Gilda Radner


Thriving large shrubs of ‘Lalang’ weeds hidden around the corner near K’s school – walking past this never fails to make me wonder. I always wondered how these weeds can thrive in a neighborhood where there are plenty of seniors with green fingers.

The mystery was solved this morning. when I caught a glimpse of a senior living 1 door away from these shrubs, watering his plants outside, as well as these weeds.

It’s alright to have weeds next to your plants, to nurture them and not to overlook the beauty in the most common of weeds.

(Photo taken with my iPhone 4s)





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