Reminiscing Motherhood Mondays – K at 1 and a half

I glanced across the hall in my mom’s house and I see this photo looking back at me.


I think this physical reminder of my brother as a child reminds them that time is indeed fleeting, how it all felt like yesterday holding him in their arms and how that memory of that moment has been permanently engraved in their hearts.

I now understand how that feels, ever since I became a parent

A couple of months before, I was devastated when I realized that I was not able to retrieve the old photos from a hard drive that I had of K since he was born. However I am very thankful for this space that I have been keeping online and grateful that I have some photos posted on this blog since he was a couple of months old.

I was going through some old posts in this blog and to my horror, some of the old videos that I took of K were lost from the post. I did not want to have to experience the hassle of re-attaching the videos to the old posts, so I decided to do this for myself; start a meme on this blog to reminisce the old videos that I have of K.

I went through the old videos and the old posts and I teared over the time that have been lost.

What’s with these emotions that come along with motherhood? I used to pride myself for not shedding tears so easily, but now, just by reading and watching the old videos, tears are falling so freely.

This video was taken in September 2008, one of the earliest video that I have of K as a baby. This video was taken when my extended family was celebrating my birthday, but as the little boy loves celebrating birthdays and blowing the candle on the cake, he had his ‘birthday’ song sang to him too.


Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.  ~ The Wonder Years


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