The Hope for Health Part 1

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For those friends who have read my FB status on Friday, this is what happened.

K fell asleep in front of the TV before dinner on Thursday evening, when we woke him up, he left eye started crossing uncontrollably, as his left eye ball kept moving to the centre. It went on for almost half an hour and K complained of blurred vision in his left eye. We brought him to GP immediately for a diagnosis. 

The GP highlighted that his nasal passage seemed to have swelled to double its size, which possibly explained the blur-ness in vision, but not the crossed eye problem. We were then advised to consult a specialist’s opinion for a more accurate diagnosis. 

Worst case scenarios ran through my mind that evening. Could it be a neural issue that was causing the eye problem and why did his nasal passage swell up when he was not experiencing a flu or infection? 

Obviously there were no answers at that moment. I tried to think more positively, did a google search and found that the uncontrollable crossed eye condition could be caused by an Ocular Migraine or a lazy eye (Estropia), rather than a neural condition, stroke or brain tumour.

We went to see 2 specialists on Friday afternoon to find out the diagnosis of his nose and eye condition.

After waiting for close to 3 hours combined in 2 busy clinics, and undergoing close to 2.5 hours of tests. 

Eye 1
The ENT Specialist said that his nasal passage looked normal, just that his adenoids will tend to swell up and obstruct his breathing when he gets a flu. But since K was not experiencing a flu infection or stuffy nose at this moment, his adenoids were perfectly normal.

While at the Eye Specialist…



To be continued.

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  1. Waiting for the 2nd part.
    Hope every thing turns out fine for K.
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  2. Praying for good results for all of Kyle’s tests!
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  3. Hey Rachel, I sure hope it’s good news in the 2nd part and regret that you had to go through this scare. Please take care and may everything turn out well for Kyle!
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