Officially Bespectacled

Phf 1

This photo was taken while K was undergoing his eye training session doing what he likes best; sketching. His right eye was covered with the eye patch, while he struggled through blurred vision from his left eye adjusting to the prescription from the glasses.

I feel mixed emotions as I see this photo, as my baby has grown up overnight to an ‘Ah Pek’ wearing those glasses :(. But at the same time, I will embrace these changes, as he is still my precious little boy, despite these imperfections.

It has been a challenging 2 weeks, with the doubt flooding hb’s and my mind when we first got the diagnosis, but after seeking a second opinion, it’s official that K has Accomodative Esotropia and Amblyopia.

The first few eye training sessions have been difficult, as K was crying out of frustration of not being able to see clearly with the eye patch and he struggled with adapting to glasses. Each time he cried bitterly, I hugged him tight and and assured him, “Mommy will do this with you ok? Be brave and we will do this together, your eyes will get better.”

Then we read picture books from the library with stories of kids with the same eye condition, which he could totally relate to.

Screen Shot 2012 08 31 at 8 55 01 PM

Screen Shot 2012 08 31 at 8 50 35 PM


And another book that showed that it wasn’t too bad to be wearing glasses.

Screen Shot 2012 08 31 at 8 51 48 PM


After a week of eye training sessions, I found this drawing of a little guy nestled in his superhero sketches…

Phf2 1

I asked him, “Who is this?” And he said, “It is me, Mommy.”

So what did I see in this drawing?

I know he has fully accepted his self-image when he can translate his new bespectacled self in his drawings. And at the end of the day, that imperfection is just a little part of him. K has Esotropia and Amblyopia. He is still my adorable and handsomest son, a cheeky piggy, my little artist and a super sports boy. And I know he is going to be ok.



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  1. K will be alright, brave little boy :)

  2. I feel so proud of you Rach after reading this post…For taking hold of your own emotions and being strong for your little boy; for being resourceful and going out of the way to gather good books to help him relate with other children; and most of all, for the constant assurance that you are WITH him in it and he’s gonna cope alright. I’m very sure Kyle will rise up like the Superhero he has drawn to overcome these challenges. You know something? This little episode is going to show K how much he means to Mom & Dad and he will emerge more resilient and confident than ever. Take heart Rach!
    Angie´s last blog post ..Around the World in 18 Days: Taiwan!

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Angie for your encouragement. I will continue to trust God that Kyle will become more resilient and stronger after this :)

  3. What a resilient little fighter! Love the drawing and how he ‘sees’ himself now. Specs or no specs, he is an awesome boy and you have every right to be über proud of him! :)
    San´s last blog post ..Of motor cars and bubbles!

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks San :)

  4. Ayoh… my heart broke when I saw his self drawing :( Can’t imagine how you must have felt when he told you who it is!

    Kyle is still a handsome boy lah. Now he just looks ‘wiser’ – that’s all!


    Rachel Reply:

    I felt mixed emotions when I saw the drawing, so heart-ache to see that my baby has to wear glasses, but heartened at the same time that he is able to accept his new self image.

  5. I agree with Angie, this little test will make him stronger and he will learn how much daddy and mommy love him:).

    Admire your strength into dealing with this. Jia You, Rachel:).
    pc´s last blog post ..Just the Three of Us

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks PC, Moms have to stay positive and be the pillar of strength when the family experiences challenges of any kind

  6. It must be the hardest challenge Kyle has gone through so far and he’s emerged victorious as he accepted his own condition. But I think what’s really beautiful about the whole thing, is the fact that he knows that no matter what challenges he will face growing up, he will always have the support of his mom and dad. Isn’t that the most important thing any child can ever have? The unconditional love and support from his parents. Jiayou!
    Ruth´s last blog post ..Visit to Singapore’s Last Kampong

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Ruth!

  7. I remember when Meg had prescription to wear spectacles, I almost cried. Dunno why, just didn’t want my little baby of 7 then, to wear specs! After a while, I could accept it better. It takes time to get K’s eyes corrected and we have to trust that it is for his good afterall. *hugs*
    Adeline´s last blog post ..Mmmmm….Buttered Lala-lala-lala!

    Rachel Reply:

    U felt the same way I felt when I learnt that he had to wear specs, I had the sinking, sad feeling with me until the day he finally got his glasses. I guess it will be ok over time, plus the glasses are suppose to help his eyes.

  8. Awwww. he’s such a champ!!
    Edlyn´s last blog post ..Home activities: Gluing

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Edlyn!

  9. He did an awesome drawing and he will definitely be ok with the love of his dearest mum and dad beside him. You did a great job, Rachel. *pat pat*
    Summer´s last blog post ..Pregnancy myths

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Summer for the kind encouragement, I try my best to help and encourage my child through this change. I hope that this continued assurance will help him overcome other challenges he has to face moving forward

  10. awww.. wat a touching post .. it’s jus specs until the day he gets lasik like us …or can he not?

    Rachel Reply:

    Florinda, I am hoping that he eventually ‘grows’ out of his long sighted-ness and his lazy eye gains it’s normal sight. So praying hard that he can have a chance at perfect eyesight and will not have a need to get his eyes’ operated on.

  11. my son, also 5, wears specs too. he also draws himself with specs on the face, and will identify the boy with specs in pictures as him. it took me quite a long time to come to terms that he needs to wear specs and other people’s unthoughtful comments didn’t help too (I still encounter them every now and then). but yes, they are still the same precious and most wonderful little boys we have. jia you :)