Photo *Heart* Fridays – Take the Plunge!

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Watching him dived off the edge made me nervous.

What if he loses his balance?

What if he knocks his head on the side of the wall?

Before letting him dive off, I set a couple of ground rules. “No spinning… take a big leap from the monkeying around when u jump…focus on the jump…make sure that the water is deep enough…”

He is only 5 and can surely do with some tips from his mom on how to make a safe jump into the pool.

Seeing him display so much enthusiasm and the lack of fear to take the plunge off the edge, reminds me that sometimes it might be worthwhile to take risks in my life, and take a plunge into that very thing which will make me nervous. Who knows what pleasant surprises could be in store?



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  1. wow! he is only 5 and he dares to jump!! Brave boy! totally agree with the mummy thing that we are overly anxious and nervous over this or some other stuff. I see myself saying that too but yes, if we take a step back and relax a little, pleasant surprise awaits :)
    jean´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday :: Love is in the air!

  2. How did you do that? The animation made me think I was seeing things. @__@ nice post btw! We learn so much from our children.
    Adeline´s last blog post ..Cheaters Guide to Claypot Rice

  3. I totally know what you mean about having our hearts in our mouths! Boys sometimes overcome their initial ‘fear’ naturally because they are so curious, but it doesn’t make it any easier for us!

    I think when Caden slid down the slide at POLW by himself… my heart slid along with him. He was laughing and gleeful, but I think I nearly hyperventilated!
    Regina´s last blog post ..Dear Me, (A letter to my younger self)

  4. I would be nervous if I were you too. Love the gif that you created :)
    Geraldine´s last blog post ..5 Places to go for Mid Autumn Festival 2012

  5. Yes, very inspiring. I always look at my kids and want to have more of their child-like abandon.
    littlebluebottle´s last blog post ..Thankful for little friends

  6. LOL…. must be a mother thing… give so many warnings and requirements before allowing to make ‘the jump’! I can relate… I’m always the parent who reaches out instinctively to hold my son’s shoulder or grab him whenever he’s attempting something ‘daring’… while my husband will be going “haiya… just let him lar… if he fall, let him learn”
    Serenely´s last blog post ..The most awesome fruit salad recipe

  7. Mother instinct always jump in first when it comes to the welfare of our lil ones. :) while the daddy will be more adventurous haha

    It’s always good to learn from the fearless young ones though, in taking the risk, not worrying too much, who knows, the result might just be too awesome!

    I bet K loves it! :)
    Rachel´s last blog post ..What Love Language a Boy Loves Best

  8. Kids sure can teach us a lesson on taking a leap of faith. Agree with Rachel that our mother’s instinct will kick in when ever the kids try to be adventurous. Their safety is our concern while they just wanna have fun. And yes perhaps a surprise awaits after taking risks :)
    Susan´s last blog post ..The Smell of Confidence