Photo *Heart* Fridays – Tender

Photo 2

Caught this tender moment between father and son one evening…

A good father is one who does not feel afraid to show his tender side to his son. Sons, not just daughters, often need that physical show of love and tenderness from their fathers, to give them the assurance that they are loved and treasured by their dads. How can a boy learn about strength and tenderness? I think the best way to learn is from his father.


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  1. Love photos of parents gazing into the eyes of their kids. Sweetest thing ever. :)
    Kless´s last blog post ..A Rare Treat For Me!

    Rachel Reply:

    Yeah..such an endearing sight that I had to capture of father and son

  2. Awww … heart-melting moment :) Strength and tenderness reminds me of this term “tender warriors”. A man who is strong and yet has a tender heart. K is very blessed to have such an affectionate, loving father!
    Joce´s last blog post ..Happy Morning

    Rachel Reply:

    K’s dad is a big softie that is very generous with his hugs for the little guy. Prob explains why K is so affectionate as well.

  3. So sweet! I agree with you totally =)
    Madeline´s last blog post ..Juicy Yellow Goodness

  4. There’s just something about daddy-child moments that is so captivating. But the simple photo says so much. Normally it is the mums who are seen as the gentle and tender parent. But It’s true that a father can make a huge impact by demonstrating that a man can show his tender side as well.
    Serenely´s last blog post ..Homemade Snowskin Mooncakes

    Rachel Reply:

    Yeah, I think it is so important that a man cannot neglect his tender side, and demonstrate that trait to his children especially.

  5. Amazing how we both found inspiration in the men of our lives this week! :) I can’t agree more on your point about learning strength and tenderness from a father.
    June´s last blog post ..The love of a father for his son

    Rachel Reply:

    Hehe..great minds think alike 😛