Why Do I Blog

I get this question quite often from friends who are non bloggers, “Where do you find the time to blog?”

Time is what you make of it.

Blogging has become a significant part of my life, so I make time for it. No doubt, blogging on some days, take more time then I should since I am not very adept at churning out speed articles.

So Why do I blog?

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I started the blog as I was in need of an expressive outlet.  Just like I am a work in progress, so is my blog. I am constantly learning how to express myself better through my blog, learning how to refine the content. My blog is an extension of my life, so for friends who haven’t met me for some time, I tell them “Go read my blog.” :)

Life have changed quite drastically since I started my blog in ’07. I have given birth, was a FTWM, became a SAHM/part time student, then a WAHM. Blogging works together with my camera to document my life, to tell my own stories of precious and fleeting moments through life as a mom of one.

I blog for myself most of all. My son may be one of the key reasons why I started the blog and my blogging journey is still largely inspired by my role as a parent, but it has evolved to a space to document my lifestyle and other creative pursuits.

Blogging has helped me to find my writing voice and is a therapeutic process for me to work through life’s bottlenecks and spills. My post can sometimes start out sounding negative, but as I progress to type in my thoughts, I start to view things from a different perspective and my posts will end off on a positive note, quite different from where I started.

I blog in the hope that maybe, just maybe, a fellow mom, a friend, or a reader who will chance upon my posts will find some encouragement from the experiences I share from my life.

My blog has connected me with other blogging moms whom I would otherwise would not have gotten to know. Blogging used to be a lonely journey, but SMB changed everything for me. Friendships have been forged with fellow blogging moms beyond a mere comment left on each other’s blog, and these are the moms whom I have most meaningful and frequent conversations with these days.

I have found that navigating through the journey of motherhood can be so much enjoyable when you have companions who can walk alongside with you.

How long will I be blogging for? As long as I am a mom I suppose.


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Regina documents her little family as they grow as one, charting everyday mundane events to milestones that will chart the shape of their future. She is enjoying being a wife and mother, two personae that she has never thought of becoming – in the past. She takes pride in being a working class stiff trying to be a first class Mum!

Regina shares her thoughts about parenting and personal experiences as : MummyMoo



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  1. Nicely put! =) I like this especially, “Blogging has helped me to find my writing voice and is a therapeutic process for me to work through life’s bottlenecks and spills.” :)
    Kless´s last blog post ..Visiting Chinatown

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Klessis!

  2. Hi, I think I blog very much for myself too, like you. I enjoy the creative process, as it is not just writing, but the integration of the message with picture/photos. Thanks for your work on SMB :)

    I look forward to the other moms’ stories!
    Elisa´s last blog post ..MAD (Mum and Dad) time – for the love of our children

    Rachel Reply:

    I am also looking forward to reading the other SMB’s stories about their blogs!

  3. Well said! Love the line that blogging is a therapeutic process too. It helps so much to write down the negative stuff and translate it into positive strength, I definitely agree with that! =)
    Summer´s last blog post ..Creativity 521 #5 – Let’s blow paint!

    Rachel Reply:

    I am glad that the blogging process works for u the same way too Summer!

  4. It is certainly nice to read other mum’s perspectives and what goes in their minds when they blog and who they blog for. Looking forward to reading the posts from the rest of the mummies. :)
    Alicia Tan´s last blog post ..Pledging our love – Tau Huey, Tau Huey!

  5. Blogging made me find a friend in you! So thankful that I’m not alone in my blogging journey and I have made many friends along the way, especially those from SMB. For me, blogging was a way to document Sophie’s growing years and has now extended to sharing resources with moms. I love the community that we have built and we have you to thank you for :)
    Susan´s last blog post ..Handmade Teacher’s Day Gift

    Rachel Reply:

    I am glad to have gotten to know you as friend too, Susan! I am so heartened as well to see so many friendships formed in our community :)

  6. Additionally, writing blogs is an expressive way and an online diary for everyone…Life is really a great journey to talk and share about.
    Willyn´s last blog post ..Best Variety of Hawker Food at Old Airport Road

  7. hmmm… why I blog? It was to journal the little survivor’s struggles, and mine too. It was wonderful channel to vent my frustration and loneliness (being far away from home). The journey of blogging pleasantly became a therapy to me (for re-position my self), helped us found a playgroup for both mommy and the little one, as well as a wonderful community of SMB!

    I no longer lonely, hardly frustrated. I thank blogging. I thank you, too;)!
    pc´s last blog post ..The Opening of The Polliwogs@Robertson Walk

    Rachel Reply:

    U are welcome PC! Nonetheless, I thank the ladies, including u PC for opening your heart to new friendships and new conversations, I think that made the difference to our blogging community that shares and are supportive of one another in our motherhood journey.