Hong Kong 2012 Part 1 – Fun and Food

We are back from Hong Kong and our 6 day trip to the Pearl of the Orient was awesome.

There is so much to see and do in Hong Kong. Since I am not an avid shopper, time not spent shopping can be used to view the sights and to bask in the culture atmosphere of Hong Kong.

We stayed in the area of Tsuen Wan, located on the west side of Hong Kong, about 25-30 minutes to Disneyland Hong Kong by MTR. A trip to Hong Kong will not be complete without a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland, at least for the little boy anyhow. Two days in the theme park was more than adequate, as he got to experience his favorite rides at least twice.

HkDL 44


DLcom1Flight of Fantasy Parade

HkDL 13His souvenir from Disneyland, the boy still prefers his Marvel comics characters to his Disney characters.

HkDL 35

HkDL 47The quintessential photos with the Disney mascots



Hong Kong definitely lives up to her reputation as a food haven. From the Bolo pau (pineapple bun), 奶茶 (milk tea), 豬仔包 (little piggy buns) to the porridge and dough fritters from the 茶餐厅 (Tea Food Hall).

Screen Shot 2012 10 23 at 11 18 27 AM奶茶 (milk tea) at Tsui Wah Cafe, a popular 茶餐厅 frequented by locals.

Screen Shot 2012 10 23 at 11 18 51 AM


And fresh seafood at Tuen Mun, Castle Peak Bay. A place that brought back fond memories for my dad, as he used to visit this seafood market with his father in his childhood days.

HKCastlepeakseafd 1Mantis Prawns

HKCastlepeakseafd 2Lobsters

HKCastlepeakseafd 3Mussels

HKCastlepeakseafd 5

HKCastlepeakseafd 6More Shellfish!

HKCastlepeakseafd 8We ate the Abalone on the left

HKCastlepeakseafd 17We were the last customers at the seafood market, as the market workers were seen moving the live fish into the bigger tanks before closing the shop.


This trip to Hong Kong was a rather rewarding experience as I managed to do a couple of photo walks around various areas, while the little boy made a trip down to the beach with his grand-dad.

So apart from the Disneyland and the food in Hong Kong, stay tune for the blog posts lined up in the next couple of days to see a different side of Hong Kong.


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  1. Ohhhhhhhh…. I have not visited HK for more than I think 20 years!!!! I miss the food there and I so wanna go to Disney! Somehow the milk tea and even the soya bean there taste better than here. :p Will wait for your next few posts – sound intriguing!
    Alicia – Beanie N Us´s last blog post ..Birthday Blast – Harry Potter Cupcakes!

    Rachel Reply:

    The food def taste better there, even more so when the prices are so reasonable. Disney is overrated though, but I think C, like most kids, will still enjoy it nonetheless.

  2. Oh wow!! I bet it was lots of fun! Looking forward to reading more!
    Regina´s last blog post ..Tuesday’s Thoughts: Grey is also a colour.

    Rachel Reply:

    It was. Except that it was really tiring. HK is a place that u need to be prepared to walk alot if u want to explore and see things

  3. Looking forward to more of your HK trip. And oh by, Disneyland. It’s not just a magical place for kids but I love it too! I can’t wait to go for my holiday too.
    Susan´s last blog post ..Motivational Monday – The Singapore Kindness Movement

    Rachel Reply:

    The first time Disney magic was there when I visited it with K at 2 years old. Somehow this time, it felt alot more ordinary vs the first time.

  4. The teacup is so cute!! Disneyland must have been really fun for you guys.
    Dominique@Dominique’s Desk´s last blog post ..10 Costumes I would wear for Halloween

    Rachel Reply:

    The teacup was at found at a Cha Chaan Tang..love the retro cups that u used in their tea cafes. Disneyland was fun the first time 2.5 years ago, and fun the first day for K. But K was quite bored by it when we went back to the place the second day.

  5. Love the pic you took with K! And the break in HK looks like fun. :) Have not stepped into HK for 6 years.
    Adeline´s last blog post ..It drizzled. It rained. It POURED!

    Rachel Reply:

    It was a fun time exploring the sights in HK, u should bring your kids soon, I am sure they will have a whale of a time visiting the place.

  6. We go every year until we decided to go other countries for a while! Haha

  7. your posts on HK are very timely! we’re planning to head there soon!
    Candice´s last blog post ..[weekends:] staycation at Rasa Sentosa

    Rachel Reply:

    Hope these posts will be useful for planning your itinerary Candice :)