Hong Kong 2012 Part 5 – Fresh Food Market

The Hong Kong-ers love their food and despite eating out very often with their wide selection of cafes, there are many fresh food markets located in each town. Staying in the vicinity of Tsuen Wan, I visited a fresh food market to see how different it was from the regular wet market in Singapore.

One key difference was, almost all the stalls in the wet market were open and teeming with customers at 4.30pm. And from what I heard from a local, that some of these markets are opened till 2am on certain nights, 7 days a week. The Hong Kong-ers are indeed a very industrious bunch!

HKTsuenWanmkt 13Vegetable stalls, rather similar to the ones we see in Singapore

HKTsuenWanmkt 3There are live chickens in cages and you can still watch chickens being slaughtered

HKTsuenWanmkt 1

HKTsuenWanmkt 5The best feature of a local fresh food market has to be the live seafood

HKTsuenWanmkt 8Coming up soon, theseason of Hairy crabs

HKTsuenWanmkt 4A variety of fish available

HKTsuenWanmkt 10

HKTsuenWanmkt 9I was amazed by the variety of pork parts available


It’s no wonder that food tastes so good in Hong Kong, with their variety and affordability of fresh food.


Next on Hong Kong 2012 Part 6 and 7, see an educational side of Hong Kong.

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  1. Love the wet markets in HK. Will have to bring the kids to visit one again the next time we go back to HK.
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