Love vs Fear, Which Path will you take? Part 2

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Waiting around for that perfect job to come around tests your resilience. But I decided not to fear, but to wait it out in the meantime and consistently sent out CVs to job sites and recruiters.

There is nothing you can do to plan for the coincidences that will come your way, and most of the time, they are likely to be more important that whatever else you think is more important at that time. I guess John Lennon was right when he wrote, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”

Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB)

Smbgrey copy

The idea of setting the SMB group dropped in my head in end of Jan 2012 and I thought it was a great idea to start an exclusive support community for Mom Bloggers on Facebook. I told Pauline about this idea, and she asked me, “What is the objective of the group?” My response, “To network? I don’t know the details now either, but this idea is bugging me non-stop ever since it dropped into my head.”

Mar 2012, I created the SMB group on Facebook and started sending invites to the mom bloggers that I knew to join the group. I was excited that finally there will be a community that will help mom bloggers to support one another, network and benefit from the friendships and camaraderie potentially formed from the group.

A Social Media Brand Management Company

The turning point came in a form of an opportunity from a friend I knew, who wanted to work with mom bloggers on a new digital campaign. She was aware of my job situation and she told me in April 2012, “Help me to run the campaign since you haven’t got a job yet.”

This proposition really came in-line with my hope that Mom Bloggers will be compensated fairly by companies, when these companies needed their reach from their blogs, as well as the Mom Bloggers’ time and effort to blog for their brands. I did not take too kindly to PR companies or brands who pitch activities or community outreach (often as a facade) to get Mom Bloggers to blog for their brands for free. Or towards companies who offer cheap barter in exchange for blog posts.

The dynamics for media have changed tremendously these 3 years with the advent of social media. Mom Bloggers have become a form of media for companies who want to reach the online community. Similar to how print magazines and TV are media channels for the companies who buy advertising space on print magazines and TV channels.

Spending time marketing for brands have showed me that the commercial world is a very realistic place. If there is any chance of getting brand exposure on media channels at little or no cost, the companies will gladly take it up. It cannot be considered as exploitation either, when bloggers accepts the pitch, and agree to feature the brands and products willingly on their blogs for little or nothing in exchange.

Nonetheless, time spent moderating the community in SMB has taught me that it all comes down to individual choice for these moms and their blogs. And I have learnt to respect that choice.

Armed with my knowledge in brand marketing and social media, I went ahead to set up Right Klick Communications to represent the interest of a group of Mom Bloggers on social media brand campaigns. Then got in touch with the few key moms I knew from SMB, who were open to the idea of monetizing their blogs and pitched for my first project.

Did I fear that this will be a wasted effort?  For sure. If I made the rational, logical decision based on addressing my fear, I would have continued with my job search and went with a full time job to provide financial security.

When moments like this appeared to be fearful, it came down to one choice. A choice between faith and fear, and I made the decision to choose faith and courage.

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I secured the project and made the next tough decision. To go ahead with this business, I will have to stop my job search and depend on hb’s modest income in the meantime. So as to reduce our monthly financial commitments, hb and I decided to move out from the rental home that we were stayed close to 9 months and gave away 90% of our possessions. Our family then shifted into my mom’s house to bunked together in a room.

So has the business taken off these 6 months? Not quite, but I am into my 3rd project since March and will be looking to secure a couple more for following year. I am striving ahead and will give my best, as I have a group of friends from SMB who are hopeful to have more income from their blogs from this initiative.

Screen Shot 2012 10 11 at 7 50 49 PMNewspaper clipping from Evelyn’s scanned copy (Thanks Eve!)  Really blessed to have been featured on ST recently

I am still walking down the yellow brick road leading to my dream. And I am not confident to say that this is indeed the dream I wanted. This could be likely the dream that God planted in our hearts, from the moment Pauline and I said our prayer on that fateful day in 2010.

I definitely did not expect things to happen the way it did. But in some strange, yet surprisingly way, God answered that prayer and He is still answering our prayer today. You will definitely need to read Pauline’s story to hear her side of it :)

The worst thing that happened to me last year, transformed into a business this year. That is focused on something that I love, Blogging. And I am heartened that as the result of SMB, many friendships have been formed amongst the moms in SMB, that would not have been possible without the group.

I have learnt to focus on being a relentless optimist after this experience. And I am more convinced than ever that nothing is easy, but anything is possible.

Screen Shot 2012 10 11 at 5 35 56 PM

Love vs Fear, which one would you choose?

What’s holding you back from walking down the untravelled path towards your dream?

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  1. Love reading about your story. All the best Rachel
    Dominique@Dominique’s Desk´s last blog post ..10 Things I am the same or different from my younger self

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Dom, and I truly appreciate your well wishes, we will jia you together :))

  2. Dear Rachel,
    My first impression of you is that you’re a confident and smart woman, with a good business-acumen. You dare to take up the challenges, and work your ways to setting up your own company. You really inspired in many ways, particularly on these 2 posts. Wish you all the best in everything that you do. And friendship forever! :)
    Emily´s last blog post ..Oct 15: Global Handwashing Day

    Rachel Reply:

    Gosh, I am very flattered by what u have just complimented me with. Well, I think with my own merit, really not much, I have been blessed by opportunities and open doors. Indeed, I appreciate the chance to have gotten to know u better as well…will look forward to chances to get together soon!

  3. Hi Rach,
    It was so lovely to read this post of yours. A very encouraging one for me in fact. As it is, I’m currently in transit from SAHM to WAHM too, figuring out ways I can put my past media, marketing & advertising experience to use. I’m really so happy for you that you set up Right Klick vs. getting a full time job. I believe everything happens for a reason so I’m pretty sure one good thing will lead on to another and the sense of satisfaction you feel is truly rewarding. Who knows, I hope to be in contact with you some day to engage Right Klick services. :)

    Rachel Reply:

    Glad to hear that u are at a stage of transiting to WAHM…the journey will definitely be a rewarding one I am sure. But do be patient, as sometimes, some of us get right at the first path we take, but some like me, might take a few changes of ‘portfolio’ before we settle on doing something that could be the best suited for us at a specific point in our lives. Will look forward to reading about your transition and possibly see you at the next SMB lunch?

    Nat Reply:

    Yup! See you! It’ll be nice to finally meet some of the moms in person after reading their blogs. :)

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for sharing. You are one brave soul!
    Being in SMB, has inspired, encouraged and gave me courage to share my story, to blog even more to do the same.
    Lastly ending with Jia You Jia You Jia You!!

    Rachel Reply:

    Even courage takes a while to muster up…haha… I am not that brave when I first encounter challenges. So glad to hear that SMB has inspired u to blog more and share more of your stories. Thanks for your kind encouragement :)

  5. Hi Rachel,
    Been following your blog for quite some time. Read something happened but didn’t notice so much you have gone through! U are a very strong woman and a very dedicated mum! Way to go!

    Thanks for setting up SMB and RightKlick! Best of luck to u!

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Tzer Jing. I try to be brave when I know that I have a little guy who is fully dependent on me to stay brave to move ahead, and hopeful, as I think hope is the best thing we can depend on when we can’t see light at the end of the tunnel yet. I hope u will continue to enjoy the interactions and the new friendships that u have formed in SMB.

  6. I love your post! It is such journeys that get us through to fulfilling dreams! Praying you continue to enjoy the open doors as you live out this dream!
    Jiahui´s last blog post ..First Aid for Kids

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Jiahui. Thanks for the encouragement and keeping me in prayers.

  7. Thanks for sharing your story, your struggles,answered prayers and reminders for us to keep our dreams alive. May God continue to open more doors on your new ventures and favor with with you do. Keep dreaming and thanks for setting up the SMB community where so many of us have found friendship.

    Rachel Reply:

    Indeed Susan. Don’t ever forget your dreams, no matter how unclear/challenging things may get in life. Giving your dreams to God is one of the best ways to ensure that your dreams will be fulfilled, and the answered prayer can sometimes be way beyond what u expect. And that’s coming from Him who knows the deepest desires of your heart. And thanks for being a friend :))

  8. Thanks for sharing your heart. Nothing is easy but anything is possible.
    I have certianly met many frens on smb. It is good to read this story now. It reminds me to keep believing :)

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks for reading my story, Elisa. Alot of the moms in SMBs do have similar attitudes when it comes to bringing up our kids, and I think it is one of the key reasons where there is strong camaraderie within the group.

  9. Thanks so much for this sharing from the heart. Inspirational is the word that comes to mind. It’s also really encouraging to know that the path towards our dreams may be wrought with some stumbles and failures. You are really so strong to keep trudging on determinedly. Even though you might be apprehensive to say whether SMB is a true success yet, but in my opinion… the fact that it was spiralled outward to touch so many people and even broken out to international borders… that already says a lot! Keep holding on to your dream… because through it, you are inspiring others to dare to dream
    Serenely´s last blog post ..A father who shows his love

    Rachel Reply:

    I am quite amazed that u have been able to find out about SMB, and participating in our Linkies – Photo Heart Fridays for one. I have popped by your blog but yet to properly read it, I will definitely come to visit soon and say hi :) Thanks for reading my blog and sharing this encouraging note.

  10. Rachel such an inspiring post! I can feel you fear as you write and really admire you for your courage! I believe greater things will come for you, keep on believing! :)

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Made for believing this with me. Let us continue to jia you together in this journey ahead of us :)

  11. Inspiring, Rachel! sigh, am still in search of my dream. Things r so sketchy and everytime i think of the fallacies of the plan, I take a step back. Earning the buck is really tough these days. In fact, i was just lamenting that i work so hard for my money only to see it go down the drain over something unexpected. Wish there’s more light to guide me in my pursue of my dreams. So lost at times.
    Janice´s last blog post ..FTWM: Tons on my plate

    Rachel Reply:

    Trust and faith is the very thing that will provide that road to what God has meant for your life. Is it not going to be easy when u venture down this path of a road less travelled, but if u trust enough, it will eventually work out well.

  12. Hi Rachel, this is the first time I’m reading these 2 posts of yours, came here via your latest post on your trials and tribulations linky. Gosh, I didn’t know you’ve been through so much the past year too. You have been very strong and brave. The past 2 years had been tough for me and my family too, after my hubby’s cancer. It is inspiring to read your story, and to know that God is with you every step of the way. Like what they say, “when you can’t see His hands, trust His heart.” Wishing you all the best in your latest endeavours, and may you continue to see all your dreams and desires come to pass. :)
    Ing´s last blog post ..Science in the Mall