Motherhood Mondays – Sing a Song

I have never been much of a singer, I can carry a tune but my vocal range is very limited and sing too softly. Hb is though, he serenaded me at our second date and sang live in front of our wedding guests.

K enjoys singing and loves to compose¬†his own songs.¬†Recently, I found him listening to granddad’s music on his iPad and singing along with it, during one of his ‘eye-training’** evenings.

Did he used to do the same when he was younger? Excuse me while I reminisce the days when he was still a tot at 2 and a half.

**A separate note about his eye training; I am heartened to share that his left eye’s vision has improved! We visited his opthamologist last week and were told that his eye test have improved by 1.5 lines. To further improve his sight, he will need to increase eye training to 4 hours daily. It will be tough to increase eye training sessions, but we will get there, eventually.


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