Photo *Heart* Fridays – The Big Picture

LandscapefinalK’s landscape creation after 10 weeks of art classes


I have always loved capturing landscapes with my camera. My only limitation is this, I don’t get to travel often or far enough to capture this sort of landscape through my lens.

Looking at this picture that K has completed this week showed me how we view landscapes is parallel to how we view our lives. Many times I find myself so occupied with the here and now, that I lose sight of the big picture of things.

‘Life is like a landscape. You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance.’ ~ Charles Linbergh

Despite the challenges of the daily grind, and of certain days that make me feel a lot less hopeful than others. I always need to remind myself to look up and out of the place that I have been, into a place where hope lives. A place where I have learnt to be content to be where I am and be energized again to move forward.


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  1. Love the beautiful piece of work and your personal reflective thoughts!

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Dee!

  2. Really nice drawing that Kyle did. So stunning!!
    Dominique@Dominique’s Desk´s last blog post ..Yellow on a Friday

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Dom

  3. What a spectacular painting! Well done Kyle!

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Jayne!

  4. That landscape picture is really beautiful! Definitely frameable!
    Serenely´s last blog post ..Have a great weekend

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Serenely

  5. Such a nice word to dwell. Very Inspiring and I also love the landscape pic. Totally awesome…