Photo *Heart* Fridays – Yes You Can!

I can

He sat down and completed almost half of the chinese writing workbook without any prompting. I had to tell him to go easy on his handwriting practice. He exclaimed, “I can do some more, because I like to do difficult things, it is boring when it is easy!”

I wish I can have this same attitude when I face all challenges. Many times when I tell myself I can’t do a certain thing, I will likely end up not being able to do it.

Is it really so easy? Say you can and you will do it. Say you can’t and you will not be able to do it.

Well just this year, I have proven to myself that by simply believing that I can, I dove right in, forged right ahead, learning and making changes as I went. But not without following God’s leading, as only He can make it happen.

With every challenge that comes our way, the biggest obstacle for us is a ‘can’t do’ attitude. Everything can be overcome when you believe you can. It may take lots of hard work, obstacles to cross, battles to fight, mountains to climb but it is possible, just start, by believing you CAN.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right ” – Henry Ford


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  1. Wah awesome attitude! Confirm high flyer in future haha :)
    Madeline´s last blog post ..The Opening of Polliwogs at Robertson Walk

    Rachel Reply:

    Haha…hopefully his attitude lasts when he face other challenges

  2. Love Kyle’s “never give up” attitude, good job!
    Mamamie’s Thots´s last blog post ..Photo *Heart* Fridays – Not yet a ballerina…

    Rachel Reply:

    Took quite a while for him to embrace this attitude, need alot of reinforcements along the way

  3. With God, everything is impossible…

  4. Great to see him writing Chinese.
    Dominique@Dominique’s Desk´s last blog post ..Indoor and Outdoor Fun on a Friday

    Rachel Reply:

    Yeah, good to know that his attitude towards learning chinese is positive these days

  5. That’s such a pearl of wisdom from your son… I shun challenges sometimes and wish things could be easier… but it’s so true: if everything were too easy, life would be so boring
    Serenely´s last blog post ..Have a lovely weekend

    Rachel Reply:

    Indeed, challenges are the very thing that will teach us patience and resilience.