Mommy Makeover at Style Essence

When I have a mom who dresses other ladies up for a living and a younger sister who will never wear the same outfit twice to different events, it’s hard not to care about how I look.

I ‘allowed’ myself 6 months of looking like a frumpy mom. Those 6 months included my last trimester of pregnancy, and 3 months post pregnancy. I made the effort to dress and look presentable whenever I had to leave the house, not only to avoid comments from my mom, but it was something I deemed important to my self-esteem.

Most of us tend to use motherhood as a valid excuse not to have the time to dress up or to apply make-up. So when Flo shared with me about her business, Style Essence, I thought “Why not have this as an activity for SMB’s 1st birthday bash?”  It will be an enriching and fun session for us to learn some finer points on style and make-up.


We had two separate sessions at Style Essence, one in the day for the SAHMs and WAHMs, and one more in the evening for the FTWMs.

Styleessence17L to R – Trainer Florinda, Samantha, Natasha, Adora and Calla, James and Irene (still looking gorgeous sans makeup)

Flo who was our trainer for both sessions, started with a quick color analysis of our skin tone, to determine if we had ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ undertones.

Styleessence18Evelyn’s a ‘warm’ and I think Dominique likely is a ‘warm’ color as well

She shared this tip on how to determine if you are a ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ color; look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If the veins are more blue / purple, you have cool undertones. If you see green tones, then you are a ‘warm’ undertone. Turned out have both warm and cool undertones, so I will rock any shade 😛


We learned about how to dress for our body shape before we dived straight into hands-on for our skin.

This is the way we washed our faces with a 3-in-1 cleanser,

Styleessence20L to R – PC, Wacky Liza, Pamela, Adeline and Gila Regina

and applied exfoliating mask on the half of our faces.

Styleessence5L to R; Evelyn, Jenn, Me, Dominique, Rachel, Irene

Styleessence9L to R; Estella, Madeline, Jiahui, Adora, Pamela, Adeline, Regina

After deep cleansing and exfoliating one half of our faces with Marykay’s Botanical Effects Mask, it was time to ‘paint’ our faces!

Styleessence11L to R; Pauline, Pamela, Adeline and Sandra

It’s hard not to feel like the centre of attention when you are in a room full of bloggers pointing their cameras at you, when you are being made-up by the pro.

Styleessence 33


And the outcome of the workshop? Glamour Mamas!

Styleessence21L to R; PC, Liza, me and Pauline

You know a make-over workshop is successful, when you have Sarah, who hardly ever uses makeup on her face, doing her own makeup and looking this good post make-over.


With an informative session from an engaging trainer, great company from the ladies from SMB, looking fabulous was a great way to celebrate SMB’s 1st Birthday Bash!

Styleessence 40From bottom L to R; Natasha, Sarah, Calla, Me, Pauline, Dominique, Trainer Florinda, Rachel, Edlyn, James, Irene, Evelyn, Samantha and Trainer Bernadette

Styleessence 36Bottom L to R; Jiahui, Estella, Liza, Pamela, Adora, Trainer Florinda, PC, Madeline, Adeline, Regina, Sandra, Susan and Trainer Bernadette.


Thanks to sponsors Style Essence and dinner by The Shepherd’s pie, in collaboration with SMB’s 1st Birthday Bash 2013.



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  1. You allowed yourself only 6 months? I’m in my fifth year and counting! Haha. Ooooo indeed Sarah! Phweet phew!! Thanks for organizing this :)

    Rachel Reply:

    You have an excuse, Calla’s only one and u are still bf-ing. How do u spend so much time in front of the mirror to prettify yourselves when u have two little gals needing your attention, plus it can be hard to find stylish bf-ing clothes unless u are willing to pay.

  2. This was such a great idea for a celebration. Would have love to go had the hubby not been away on sailing. Anyway love to see all these pics so thanks for the write up! Oh, and love the new clean look on the blog too, the new profile pic is so sweet!
    Summer´s last blog post ..Happiness is… embracing spontaneity

    Rachel Reply:

    We missed you at the makeover Summer, such a pity that you were not able to join us :( Thanks for the compliments on the new blog look.


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