Motherhood Mondays – Some Drama

It was a regular Friday afternoon, K was at Nana’s pool waiting for his friend to arrive for a swim play date. Just moments before his friends arrived, K emerged from the pool crying, gripping his foot. I looked at his foot and what I horrified by what I saw.

We quickly left the pool and went upstairs to my parent’s house to get some first aid attention on his foot.

Photo 9

Grand-dad doused the antiseptic solution on his foot and wrapped it up with a bandage to stop the bleeding. We quickly left the house and made our way to A&E at Gleneagles hospital as K’s injury needed some stitches.

Photo 10

He was fairly calm when we waited to see the doctor,

Photo 7

When the nurse removed the bandages to clean the wound, K held my hand and braced himself for the pain,

Photo 8

Big fat tears rolled down his cheek as the nurse cleaned the wound,

Photo 5

I would be tearing too from the pain of the cut, that almost severed the tip of his toe.


The doctor explained that he needed to give K a local anesthetic before stitching the tip to his skin back to his toe. No tears, but K let out a loud, “Oh…Ow…Ow…” then “Oh man!”, when the needle went into his toe. I suppose being able to play games on the phone worked as a rather useful ‘other anesthetic’ to distract him from the pain.

Photo 6

K ended up with 2 stitches on his 4th toe and a bandaged right foot.

Photo 3

There have been little complaints from him since Friday night, and he is on the mend.


As for mom, most things are on hold the next one week, since he has to be out of school and I have to take care of him at home 24/7.

Sigh…there is never a dull moment in life when you are a mom.

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  1. Oh man I nearly screamed when I saw the photo of the bleeding toe. :( It must be really heartbreaking for you.. And your boy is sooo brave. Hope the wound totally heals quickly…
    Kless´s last blog post ..The Day We Met Mr Peacock

    Rachel Reply:

    I panicked when I first saw it at the pool…thanks Klessis!

  2. ouch ouch ouch! I feel the pain. :( Days like these, we moms too have to brave it all for them. Hope he recovers soon.
    Adeline´s last blog post ..A Trip To Tekka Hawker Centre

    Rachel Reply:

    The heart hurts more…mine… thanks Ade!

  3. oh dear, hope the wound heals properly soon!
    Ai Sakura´s last blog post ..Letters to my girl #9 | "Mum, Why do You Work?"

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Ai!

  4. Im feeling queasy from the pic of the toe! Poor K!! How did he cut himself though? Was there something sharp in the pool? Thankfully his granddad knew some first aid Hope he gets better soon!!

    Rachel Reply:

    I suspect that it could have been broken glass, as the cut is too clean, doesnt look like a cut caused by a broken tile. Got my mom to complain to the condo management, really a freak accident, since we have been swimming in the same area in the pool for so long! Thanks Adora!

  5. Oh my! I teared up when I saw the photo of the wound! I would probably be crying hysterically at the hospital with a cut like that. I know I did when I was around his age, and my mom brought me to the hospital to flush my ears. What a brave boy!

    Wishing speedy recovery!
    Mabel´s last blog post ..Tint

    Rachel Reply:

    I nearly screamed out loud when I first saw it, had to curb my panic so that the boy will be calm. Thanks Mabel!

  6. Really hope that the wound heals up soon.. He’s a really brave boy to stand all that pain.
    Dominique Goh´s last blog post ..Looking at the Various Angles on a Monday

    Rachel Reply:

    I hope so too. I was quite surprised that he was rather calm throughout the accident, I expected him to be hysterical actually knowing how much of a wuss he can be at times.

  7. oh my poor thing!

    Rachel Reply:

    Yah, I was so worried about him

  8. Brave, brave Kyle! Hoping he quickly recovers!

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks San!

  9. Aunty Angie sending you big hugs for being such a brave boy in enduring the minor surgery…will pray for a speedy recovery. Hugs to Mommy too…
    Angie S´s last blog post ..[Giveaway] We Love StickyGRAM!

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Angie!

  10. So heart breaking to see his injured toe :( Hope he recovers real soon. Bug hugs to mummy too.
    Susan´s last blog post ..Motivational Monday – Tips to stay committed to your fitness goals

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Susan

  11. Rach… you know you told me that when they hurt, we hurt more?

    I can totally feel your pain here. I would be a panicky wreck… :(

    Kyle is taking it like a champion – my heart constricted when I saw that gaping wound!

    It’s the silent tears that get to us the most, ya? It’s when you know that they are trying to be brave, and older than their years.

    Get well soon, Kyle!
    Regina´s last blog post ..Sleeping away from home.

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Regina! Yeah so heart pain when I first saw it…and I was so surprised that he was unusually brave at the hospital.

  12. my heart went cold when I saw the pic of the injured toe! I will be crying too if that happened to J. I hope Kyle gets well soon.. and he deserves all the hugs and kisses for being such a brave boy!

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Shermeen!

  13. Ouch, the cut looks quite bad. It must have been heartbreaking for you. I hope Kyle gets well soon. He is such a brave little boy.

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Hian Zee!

  14. Oh my… Poor little toe….

    Rachel Reply:

    Poor toe and poor mommy too…haha

  15. he’s such a brave boy ! can see from the pic that he was trying hard to bear with the pain, holding on to u. And mummy is pretty calm to be taking picture! I’ll probably freak out. Hope he will be up and running soon. Hugs to both of u :)
    haifang´s last blog post ..My Lunch Date

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Hai Fang!

  16. Hope he will be well soon. He is such a brave boy!

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Jenn!

  17. oooooh so painful! even I cringed!

    but he’s a really brave boy! just lying there gripping hand.
    big hugs to such a brave boy (and brave mummy)
    Nerdymum´s last blog post ..Dance in the rain

    Rachel Reply:

    THanks D!

  18. Big hugz Kyle!! You are such a brave boy!
    Rachel, u definitely have a strong heart my friend.

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Lin. Have to try not to panic, I think being calm over the whole episode also helped Kyle to stay calm

  19. okie… you are right, the pic is quite gory. I must say, for his age, he did really well taking those nasty stitches in his stride. JIA YOU, K!!!! I am sure he will recover very soon with such verve. ;D
    dianaruth´s last blog post ..Button bracelet