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Bitten by the Art Bug from HeART Studio

After acquiring some finer tips on skin-care and make-up and then learning to bake hokkaido cupcakes. The next SMB is 1 activity brought us to a place where the SMBs can cultivate their creativity with an art workshop at HeART Studio.

Two separate sessions were held at the studio. The weekday session provided the opportunity to create our own versions of Van Gogh ‘Sunflowers’ with acrylic paints on canvas. While the weekend session took Claude Pissarro’s ‘Harbour Scene’ or ‘Le chateau des seigneurs d’estaing a bort-les-orgues’ as an inspiration to create our own art pieces with pastels on canvas.

HeartST1 1

HeartSt2 2

If you were to compare the Van Gogh vs Claude Pissarro pictures visually, the latter looks relatively simple compared to the former, isn’t it? At a glance, it may look simpler to create, but it isn’t. Acrylics and Pastels are very different mediums, and from a freshie’s perspective, I can tell you both mediums are tough to manage.

I was rather nervous to have to deal with acrylic paints for the second-time round, despite being given much better quality acrylic paints from HeART studio. The previous experience I had with acrylics (which dried up too quickly on the paint palette) was with a separate group of ladies from SMB at an ‘art jamming’ session at Arteastique. The only ‘jam’ that I experienced was with my art piece, which turned out to be a mash of colors and lines on canvas.

So it helped that the teacher Gaz, from HeART Studio provided clear guidance as we slowly worked our way in creating our art pieces in 2 hours. What was really uncharacteristic during that 2 hours, was that in a room of chatty ladies, we were so silent and focused while we worked on our individual pieces.

HeartST1 20

HeartST1 23Spot the one who is the ‘expert’ amongst the amateurs…can you see graduated colors on her artwork, while the rest of us were only good with creating 2D vases

While, in the other room, all hard at work…after being a little distracted at the beginning of the session.

HeartST1 21

Then on Sunday. Everyone in the room quickly got to work on their ‘oil pastel on canvas Claude Pissaro’ pieces as we only had 1.5 hours for the class.

HeartSt2 3All looking like they were on their test papers with their serious and focused expressions

So the educators have said, that in art, the process matters more than the product. All I can remember during the process are tired hands and stiff shoulders, it didn’t feel very therapeutic at both times. And for any, almost every adult, the product still matters at the end, no matter what they say about the process. So what is the product after both sessions at HeART Studio?

1. Mutant Sunflowers with no stems, over-fed on Fertilizers

HeartST1 25My overgrown sunflowers and Teacher Gaz

2. Collapsing Sails in Harbour with Strange Reflection (not Jen’s! Referring to my art piece.)

HeartSt2 6Jen’s beautiful piece next to my haphazard harbor piece

After both sessions this week at HeART Studio, I walk away with renewed respect for my little boy who is way better at managing both mediums with his art pieces.

HeartSt 1Weekday Acrylic Paint on Canvas session : Evelyn, Lyndis, Justina, Irene, Dominique, Adeline, Regina, Me, Alicia, Pamela and Donna

HeartSt2 7Sunday Pastels on Canvas session : Delphine, Serene, Jolin, Wai Wai, Angeline Ng, Madeline, Me, Jennifer, Cherie, Ling Siew and Angeline Sim

HeART Studio offers Adult Canvas classes, over 6 lessons to complete a large canvas piece. All u need is to find a friend to join you at an Adult Canvas class and HeART will start a new class. Or you could sign up your kids for HeART if they are between 3-12 years of age, especially if they show some interest in Art. I can assure your child will not be getting ‘I-cannot-figure-what-this-is’ type of open-ended outcomes from the classes, rather, fine art pieces that will impress you + extremely apt to be gifted to relatives. Do visit HeART Studio’s website for more information on the classes available for kids.

So what other outcome have resulted after my 2 sessions the past week?

HeartSt2 8Top – My art piece, Bottom – K’s art piece. I think my kid’s art is way better than mine

I think I badly need art lessons.

So I will be signing up for an adult canvas class with HeART Studio and work towards creating my first more decent-looking piece of art. So while K has his art lesson, this sucker-for-punishment will plan to have her art class in the other room.

I think art can only be therapeutic for me when I have a certain level of mastery with the basic techniques. So art lessons here I come!


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Photo *Heart* Fridays – Heirloom

Earring 5

She wears this pair of ear studs, set in white gold. Simple and understated, a heirloom that has been passed down the generations of the women in her family.

Who is this Singapore Mpm Blogger? Look out for the 2nd post in my series of ‘Portraits of a Singapore Mom Blogger’ this coming week to find out!

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Katong’s Peranakan Culture

To learn more about this neighborhood I call my home since Feb this year, I  spent some time exploring Katong the last few weeks.

Katong, being the area associated with the first Peranakan community in Singapore, has retained some of its Peranakan heritage. Located on the stretch of Katong Road, are three shophouses with distinct Peranakan architecture; Rumah Bebe, Katong Antique House and Peranakan Inn.

Rumah Bebe Peranankan 1 Peranankan 11

Ornate and intricate patterns lined the walls and floors at the shop. The beautiful architecture of the shop house intrigued me…

Peranankan 3

Until I stepped into the shop.

I was greeted by a scowling-face middle aged lady, whose first words were,”No photography allowed!”, when she saw that I was holding a camera. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for the rest of the time K and I were in the shop. She hovered around us as we browse through her merchandise, her ‘menacing’ presence made me almost afraid to ask her any questions about the $500 Kebaya-s and $300 beaded slippers on display.

I felt pressured enough by the lady in the shop to eventually buy something before leaving; a slice of Kueh Lapis. Which incidentally gave me very bad diarrhoea for the next 4 days. This was one of the worse experience I ever encountered from any retail shop in Singapore. So enter Rumah Bebe at your own risk!

It seems I am not the only one that experienced this from the shop assistant, found these bad reviews about Rumah Bebe from Trip Advisor.

I have learnt never to trust the write-ups from Singapore Tourism Board.

I can’t help but peek into the shop as I walk pass Rumah Bebe almost daily in the early evenings, and I am really not surprised to see the shop without customers every time.

Katong Antique House Peranankan 12

Now, I had a totally different experience from this other location. Which made me wonder if Katong Antique House is ever opened for business, for those times I visited. Maybe I should have called to make an appointment?

Interesting facade and exterior, but my experience ended there. I visited the place thrice but never had an opportunity to venture beyond the hall of the place. So no photo opportunities either. If Peranakan antiques and artifacts interest you, Peranakan Museum will be a better place to view these things.

Just look at these lovely Peranakan tiles then,

Peranankan 13

I wonder though will I be warmly welcomed into these places, if I was of  a native of another country, other than a local Singaporean. Or are these just examples of bad customer service?

Peranankan 14

For a friendly and tastier Peranakan experience, venture next door to Peranakan Inn.

Peranankan 15

So will there be more to discover from the Katong neighborhood? Likely so. But not till this’accidental tourist’ sets aside some time the next few weeks to find out more about this neighbourhood.


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