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“Both my paternal grandparents were locally born but we hearsay our ancestry line moved from Indonesia to Terrenganu to Singapore.

My dad married my mom, who is a true blue teochew! So, I am only a half-bred nonya.”

What is your earliest memory of your heritage?

“I think the most memorable moments learning about my heritage was visiting my paternal relatives during the Chinese New Year. It helped that I was always rooted at my seat and trying to figure out the language, so unlike the younger generation today. It is likely that I picked up my knowledge of basic Malay and a fair bit of ‘peranakan language’ from them. (Peranakans converse in a mixture of English, Malay and Hokkien).

My parents were already rather modernized when they wedded in the 60s. There was, unfortunately, no specific tradition that has been carried forward except for the food. My mum leant peranakan-style cooking from my paternal grandma who taught her the recipes.”

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“My grandma was the only nonya whom I knew who faithfully wore her Kebayas at home, as she lived with us till she passed on when I turned 16 years old. It was a pity that we were not very close and there wasn’t any keepsake from her that was handed down, as it was only distributed amongst her daughters.

However, my 2nd brother elder brother, Alvin, who is very much into preserving the peranakan heritage, helped formed and helms ‘The Main Wayang Company’. Which actively promotes the unique Peranakan culture locally and overseas. Do check out some of the music that he has composed and produced.”

“…I do have a few memorabilia presented to me by my brother; a Kam Cheng and some porcelain spoon ornaments which I proudly display in my home. These are things that remind me of my heritage. ”

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Of all the things you have learnt from your parents (in terms of tradition and culture), what do you feel was the most valuable?

“I think I like the way I have been shown what is true love and stay humble in life. My mom came from a very well-to-do family before she met my dad, who was working in a factory prior to becoming a teacher. In those days, money was very hard to come by. She chose love and trust (my dad) versus an arranged marriage to a rich businessman’s son. She stood by my dad in good times and in bad. She never once wavered even though she could have had a luxurious life, I honor and respect her for that. ”


So, who is this Singapore Mom Blogger?

It’s Adeline, from The Accidental Mom Blogger.  A mom of 2, a jewelry crafter of unique and intricate creations and an extremely competent home-cook.

Accidentalmomblogger 19

With Adeline’s winsome girlish charms and lovely dimpled smile, it was not so hard for this inexperienced-amateur-photographer-yours-truly to capture these portrait shots of her.

Accidentalmomblogger 16

She may come across as quiet and reserved at first impression. But as I got to know her better this past one year, I have discovered that Adeline has a playful side, yet she can be the dependable big sister of SMB, who has earned herself the nick AOAC – ‘Adeline Oon Ah Che’.

Accidentalmomblogger 17

Adeline also has a matriarchal side to her, (matriarchal doesn’t mean wanting to crush people like cockroaches), that is demonstrated by how efficient and capable she is in running her household and single-handedly tending to the needs of her two children.

Want to find out more about the real AOAC? Then do visit her blog at The Accidental Mom Blogger.

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So who will be featured next on my next installment of Portraits of a Singapore Mom Blogger? Stay tuned for the continuation of this series in the next few weeks.


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  1. Love the portray of Adeline :)
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    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Dom!

  2. Wah! feel so honored… AOAC. hahah! :p Thanks for the feature! Am sure you’ll do great portraits of the rest of the ladies in line!
    Adeline´s last blog post ..The Little Boy Who Obliged A Photo

    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks for being so willing to be my first ‘guinea pig’ for this series…and really appreciate the vote of confidence :)

  3. it’s Adeline! omg!!!! i couldn’t wait, so i scrolled down to find out before scrolling back up to read the article. hahahahaha!!!
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    Rachel Reply:

    Haha…more for u to guess soon 😛

  4. Wah! You got me! Whoop Now I know what is AOAC!
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    Rachel Reply:

    U couldn’t guess E?

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post and discovering more about Adeline! 😉

    Rachel Reply:

    Glad to hear that u enjoyed reading this post!

  6. Wow, nicely done. really didn’t expect the person to be Adeline. look forward to the next portrait. (:
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    Rachel Reply:

    Thanks Peishan!

  7. Mmmmm AOAC! I wanna eat the Ayam ponteh!
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    Rachel Reply:

    It’s very good…must ask AOAC to share the recipe!

  8. I am looking forward to more posts from this series. Love the pictures!

    Adeline, you look great!
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    Thanks Zee!