Best Way to Cut Felt

One of the fun parts of working with felt fabric is the no-fray edges. However pattern pieces need very specific shapes to be cut out from the felt fabric, so what is the best way to cut felt?

There are 3 ways to cut felt in specific shapes needed by the pattern;

1. Cut and then trace the pattern on the fabric, and then cut the shape according to the pen markings. But the pen or markings might be seen on light colored felt.

2. Trace the pattern on freezer paper and then iron on felt and cut. Freezer paper is not the easiest to find in Singapore, besides having to iron each time I am doing felt crafting can get rather tedious with this method. I have also tried using baking paper, but the waxy side does not adhere to the felt material even after being ironed.

3. Paste sticky tape on two sides of the pattern cut-out on felt lightly, then cut out the shape. I have found that this is the best and fastest way to cut felt.

Felt Air Balloon 3

I have been using this method for very small shapes of felt, as the tape stops the paper from moving, so you can be rather accurate in cutting out the specific shape.

Felt Air Balloon 4

One of the best advantages of using this method is that the cut out pattern can be used again, nonetheless, do make sure to pull out the tape gently from the felt fabric as it might have the tendency to stretch and pull (especially acrylic or craft felt) the felt fabric.

Felt Air Balloon 5

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