In Everything, there is a purpose.

Our lives took a drastic turn, just 3 weeks before K’s registration for Primary 1.

No more looking at attending Primary 1 at hb’s alumni.

No more K2 at his existing Childcare, in fact no more formal school on the weekdays.

No more staying where we used to for the short 5 months in the not so new neighborhood in the East.

I teared when I had to withdrawn K from his Childcare with immediate notice, I teared when I saw the sadness in K’s eyes when we said our last goodbyes to his classmates from his school. We said that we will visit sometime. But I didn’t think we would, as it is just too painful for K and I to go through the goodbyes again. We left the place we called home for 5 months in a great hurry.

In summary, the family is dysfunctional at its best now.

I am now a single mom on Mondays-Fridays,

We still see Daddy, and we still spend time with him from Friday evenings – Sun nights in the East.

K is not going attend formal school till he starts primary 1, and we are just going to go to any primary school he can get into at Phase 2C.

And there a couple more not so good things which we are experiencing now, that I would not divulge in this space at this moment.

Frankly, life really sucks at its finest right now.


It goes on. I still have my responsibilities, and I am doing my best for them. We are managing ok and K’s still a happy little guy despite moving house 4 times in less than 2 years, and 3 schools in less than 2 years.

For someone who hates clutter at home, I think our abode is the simplest we ever had these 2 years. We are left with skimpy closet of clothes, some toiletries, less than 5 sets K’s toys in my mom’s house, and some books.

My mind has never been clearer, and there is no self-pity, no frustration, no anger, no questions to ask.

And now I think I know why it has never been in God’s plan for me to have another child, and I am thankful that I never went against His will for my life.

Most of all, I have learnt how to take my eyes off my circumstances, in all things give thanks for all I have been given and TRUST no matter what, and believe that there will be a purpose for all of this.

I have never felt more free from the shackles of this life, and for that, I am thankful.

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  1. (Hugs) just keep your eyes fixed on god. I am sure he will find a way where there seems to be no way. I pray for better things to happen for you and your family.

  2. Don’t know what you are going through but praying that everything will work out well for you nonetheless. God is always good – He will take care of you and your family!

  3. Big big hugzzz! Hope things work out soon. Admire your trust in God. All the best!

  4. It really sounds like a very tough, hugs and hang on there. There is always sunshine after the rain and what goes down must comes up. Be strong and always look on brighter side.
    Cen-Lin Ting (Miracule)´s last blog post ..June Holidays Outing to Gardens by the Bay

  5. Hey rach, i dunno what’s happening exactly but i salute u for being such a strong woman. I’m having my dark moment now too but after reading yr post i tell myself i need to regain my faith to seek peace. I hope things will get better for u n yr family. Life’s really a bitch but we hv to grit our teeth n ride the wave! Jia you!

  6. Thank you for the reminder that we need to keep trusting in Him no matter what! It must be tough right now, and I hope things will get better/easier in time to come. Sending prayers your way, do take care!
    Jus´s last blog post ..Friday Five: Renovation ramblings #1

  7. Dear Rachel, I may not know the details about what has happened but I do know that you did what you did for the sanity of yourself and protecting K from the harshness of reality. It’s really admirable that you are keeping strong with your eyes peeled on the Lord who is giving you strength to carry on with your live. And I am very sure that there will be better days ahead. *hugs*
    Adeline´s last blog post ..Grocery Shopping In My PJs

  8. Don’t know what you are going through but I believe in the saying that goes “when you hit rock bottom, the only other way is up”.
    Estella´s last blog post ..Nourishing Almond Milk made with Philip’s Beauty and the Beast – The Jamie Oliver Blender!

  9. Hi Rach, lots of hugs and prayers for you and the little guy.
    San´s last blog post ..Yummiest macaron. Ever.

  10. Hi Rachel, jiayou. Stay strong.
    Faith Lim´s last blog post ..Chiltern House Preschool Open House Jul 2013

  11. A huge big hug, Rachel. You are one mama who I know being strong & not defeated easily.

    Sincerely hope things will be better very soon.

  12. Rachel, stay strong! Big hug!
    Waiwai´s last blog post ..Pei Pei’s First Spelling Test

  13. Hi Rach, finally caught up with your blog…u prob won’t want to talk about this but hugs and best wishes from me…anytime u want to talk, u know where to find me!

  14. Keep keeping the faith, Rachel. He makes all things beautiful in its time, and I pray that for you, the time will be soon. God bless!
    June´s last blog post ..Bleeding at 15 weeks of pregnancy

  15. Hi Rachel, hope everything is well for you and your family.
    ‘What never breaks you makes you stronger’ perhaps not the best quote to live by but it helps me through the lowest moment of my life.
    Hope it helps. Do take care and ‘see’ you around on fb