Lessons from the Dance Knight

It’s a common sight every other evening to see the boy speak to the camera. He is into making her own videos lately.

From ‘Car crashes’ to commentaries of ‘Accidents’ with his matchbox cars and this is one of my favorites, ‘How to dance from The Dance Knight.’

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  1. Oh gosh!!! Love love love this Dance Knight video! He’s so good at it! Looking forward to more of K’s ‘Dance Style Party’ clips! :)
    Angie.S´s last blog post ..{Giveaway} Dim Sum Dollies’ Crazy Christmas

  2. Love K’s dancing! hahaha Isaac and him can dance up a blast together! Isaac loves dancing too! I have been trying to catch a video of him dancing. I love how K sang out his own beat. He definitely has a sense of rhythm! I am so going to show Isaac this video! :)

  3. haha! this made me laugh on a dreary wet Friday afternoon!!! He is really funny! Thanks for sharing this. hehe
    Adeline Oon´s last blog post ..Our Zombie Date Night @ Senoko Fishery Port

  4. He’s so chubby and cute! Great sense of rhythm and moves very well too. More videos of him dancing please!
    Adeline´s last blog post ..Adelaide Christmas Pageant