How to Make a Felt Air Balloon Mobile

Felt Air Balloon

You may have long outgrown the need to look at a hanging mobile suspended above your crib to lull you to sleep, but few people will outgrow the comforting and soothing sight of a mobile swaying and turning in the gentle breeze.

Here’s how to make a Felt Air Balloon Mobile,

Materials your will need :
7 coordinated shades of felt
Matching Emboidery Floss
A print-out of the Felt Air Balloon Pattern
A needle

Felt Air Balloon 1

1. Cut out the shapes from the pattern template
Felt Air Balloon 2

2. Cut the felt shapes from the paper template cut outs.

Here’s a post on the best way to cut felt.

Felt Air Balloon 5

3. You should have 3 pieces for each size of the balloon, S, M, L and one ‘cross-shaped’ cut out.
Felt Air Balloon 6

4. Trace the cloud shape on the cardboard. This cardboard will be placed and sewn inside the cloud-shape felt as a filler, as it can get felt clouds might get flimsy without the cardboard inside.
Felt Air Balloon 9

5. You could either trace the curves inside of the cloud shape like the above picture and cut it inside, but it can get rather finicky to cut

Felt Air Balloon 36

So as to save some time, you can go with cutting the outside border of the cloud shape. But make sure that the cardboard is smaller than the felt pieces, as you will need some spare margin from borders of the felt piece to sew 2 pieces of felt together.

6. Here are the final pieces of felt that have been cut to make this Felt Air Balloon Mobile.

Felt Air Balloon 13

You are now ready to sew them together.

7.  Separate the strands of thread from the Emboidery thread, you will only need 2 strands of thread to sew the Felt Air Balloon felt pieces together.

Felt Air Balloon 37

8. Use the Air Balloon paper cut, fold it into half at the dotted lines and pin it on 3 pieces of felt. This folded cut out will provide a good reference point to sew a line of running stitches.

Felt Air Balloon 38

9. Sew straight stitches to the edge of the 3 pieces of balloon felt. Then fold the 1st and the 3rd felt piece into half upwards, while keeping 2nd piece or the middle white piece flat.

Felt Air Balloon 39

10. Take the square cut out and sew the edges together to make it look like an open box. Join the 1st piece from the balloon shape to two edges of the open box, then turn the balloon to the other side, and do the same for the 3rd piece of balloon shape to the other 2 edges of the open box.

Felt Air Balloon 40

11. Use whip stitch to sew the 2 pieces of the cloud shape together. Don’t forget to place the cloud cut-out cardboard inside before you close the stitches.

To sew the bird shaped silhouette, use straight stitches where you see the dotted lines on the paper patterns.

Felt Air Balloon 41

12. String and the completed felt shapes together with white embroidery thread, and do the same for the other sizes of the Felt Air Balloon.

Felt Air Balloon 31

There you have it!

Your very own Felt Air Balloon Mobile that can be used to decorate your home or your child’s room.

Felt Air Balloon 42

**Kindly note that you may reproduce materials and templates found on this site for your own personal use, and craft created from the templates only for non commercial distribution.

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