Feeding the Bookworm tendencies + Giveaway!

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It has been relatively quiet in this space as I have been reading ALOT. From the last blog post, I have read the most books I have ever read over a course of 1 month; a total 14 books, which works out to an average of 1 book in two days.

My preference is for Christian non-fiction literature as I am able to apply what I read and learn from these books to my daily life. If I am in the mood for fictional entertainment, I much prefer to watch movies than to read books.

Since I don’t have much shelf space at home, my option is to read e-books on my iPad and I found a good alternative to the Kindle app.

The Kindle app on Ipad isn’t available for users in Singapore, and this limitation can be easily workaround by creating an iTunes account setting the location to United States, however this same iTunes account will not be able to download paid apps from the US Apple App Store.

So I found the next best alternative, if you are into Christian literature and have an iPad, an iPhone or any Android device, download this e-book reader app, CBD Reader from App Store or Google Play Store.

I used to read these books from the tiny screen of my iPhone, and it was only recently that I finally convinced myself that I needed an iPad to save my eyesight.

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To date, I have bought like 31 e-books that can be read in this app over the course of the last 1.5 years. And one of the benefits of e-books have to be the size of each book and the sheer convenience of one device to store all the books. The other useful feature of the app is that the e-books can be read in both the phone or the handheld device, if both devices have the app installed.

Apart from Kyle’s games (which I have made sure that he limits to 30 on my iPad), these e-books on my 32GB iPad takes up the most space. But I am not complaining since I rather have 31 copies of ebooks stored in a device, than physical copies of these 31 books taking up space in my room.

Most of the titles that you have seen from brick and mortar Christian book stores, have their e-book versions that can be easily found on Christianbook.com. And the price of an e-book? About 40-50% off the price of a physical book.

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If you have bought physical books from local Christian bookstores, you will notice that the e-books from Christianbook.com have fairly good discounts off the retail price. An average price of a book will cost from SGD$22 onwards, so by purchasing e-books, there are direct savings.

Giveaway! – A $20 USD Giftcard from Christianbook.com which can be redeemable for any products sold on the site. With this gift card, you can get any 2 complimentary e-books from the web store.  Do leave your comment below if you wish to participate in this giveaway. 


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  1. I would certainly love to have more Christian E-books to read. :)
    Dominique Goh´s last blog post ..Birds and the Lake

  2. thanks for sharing! i’d love to win the gift card. :)

  3. Sandra Lum says:

    Me! I would love to bring my children closer to Christ through books.

  4. Kwek Chor Ee says:

    Thanks for sharing. Hope to win the give away for some good Christian books.