Learning to Read – Alphabet Activities

Learning the alphabet can be a fun experience for a toddler or a pre-schooler. Instead of just showing flash cards with the alphabets, and getting them to memorize the alphabet, here are some activities that will reinforce the learning of letter sounds, while making the learning of the alphabets interactive and engaging.

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1. Alphabet Corner

Set up a corner in your child’s room with alphabet puzzles, alphabet stamps, magnetic alphabet letters for word building, letters to trace, a whilteboard or a mini chalkboard. The more he/she gets to interact with the alphabets, the more your child will be familiar with the letters and shapes.

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2. Alphabet Walk

Take your child for a walk around the neighborhood and help the to look for, identify and learn letters that are found in environmental print.

3. Let’s go on a hunt

Write capital letters and the lowercase letters of each letter on large note cards. Then have the child find the letter in magazines and newspapers. Suggest that they cut them out, and draw pictures of items with names begin with the letter that are shown on the card.

4. Word Round Up

Wrote a series of simple words on the whiteboard, like sit, sun, sad, top, sick, mop, cat. Read the words aloud for the child, emphasizing on the sound of ‘S’, for those words beginning with the letter ‘S’. Then get the child to circle the words beginning with the same letter. Overtime, your child learns to recognize the difference in the sounds of the various alphabets.

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5. Word Pairs

Write a word pair on the board, such as sat and mat. Read the words aloud, emphasizing the sound of the letters in front of the word. And ask the child to identify the letter that is different in each word.

6. Letter Path

Create a construction paper “stone” path around the room with one letter written on each stone. Have the child walk the alphabet, while saying aloud each letter name.

7. Alphabet Album

Materials : A old photo album, pictures (out of magazines or old books, or printed from the internet) for each letter of the alphabet, large upper case and lower case alphabet letters , wipe off markers and a few old socks

Take the photo album and make one page per alphabet letter. Put the upper and lowercase letters and one or two pictures onto the page. Do this for each letter.

After the book is done, let your child use a wipe off marker to practice tracing the letter and say the letter at the same time.


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  1. Thanks for this, Rachel. I already have an alphabet corner. I will do the rest. :)
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    Rachel Reply:

    I hope you will have fun with your son trying these activities out!