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Friendship #InHisLoveMail

We had something in common, it was a second job for the both of us after University. After having moved from various media agencies, this was our first foray into the client’s business, doing marketing in a consumer goods MNC.

We were wide eye and enthusiastic, and I first met K about 6 months into the job. I was in Corporate Marketing, while she was in Trade Marketing. What bonded us together was that we were both in the less glamorous marketing jobs in the company, since Brand Marketing were highly coverted roles. Besides, she was seated diagonally across to where I was seated, so naturally she became my lunch partner.

I initially thought she was too prissy at times, but we clicked nonetheless. We saw each other through various changes in that company, after a year, I joined her in the trade marketing team, and we eventually move to Brand Marketing with separate portfolios.

I left the company to do brand marketing for a beauty company, while K stayed another 2 years in the company. Despite not being colleagues anymore, we met each other for dinner then drinks weekly, as it always seem that we had so much to chat about.

She was a ’sister’ at my wedding and when she got married, I was also her ‘sister’ despite already married.

Our weekly meetings slowly fizzled out over time. It became once a month, then once a quarter, then barely twice a year. In fact the last 2 years, I met up with her twice. It has been tough to find some time on weekday nights to wrangle myself away from my responsibilities at home.

So when I embarked on #InHisLoveMAIL project this year, I thought that she should be one of my personal friends, who will be the recipient of my first snail mail package.


Why Snail Mail?

Simply because I think it is one of the most meaningful ways to show love and care to a friend. It is a very good excuse for me to pull together my love for crafting, through sewing and paper-craft. Then personalise these items, together with a hand-written letter in a cute little package.

Most people love receiving letters and cards though mail. I do! I used to love receiving snail mail from my pen-pal in my teenage years, and really looked forward to receiving mail from my sister when I was studying in Australia.

It may be an old-fashioned way of communicating in this ‘technological age’, but there is so much love that is bundled up into an envelope for the recipient, even if it may be just a simple card or just a few sheets of hand-written letters.

IMG 0081

How does #InHisLoveMAIL ties in with #InHisLoveFund?

To date, about $350.00 have been raised for the fund. This $350.00 will be converted to 7 sets of $50 Supermarket vouchers that will be placed in each #InHisLoveMAIL mail package. The package will consist of hand-made items, some stationery items and a personalised letter.

This snail mail package was personalised for my friend K, who loves bunnies, giraffes and is fond of cute concepts and sweet flower motifs.

IMG 0087

My good friend Pauline, who is another avid crafter, will be working with me to personalise 7 sets of #InHisLoveMAIL packages this year. So the items in each package will vary according to our inspiration for that month. In other words, our ‘crafting and encouragement services’ 😛 are available for any readers who want to encourage or bring joy to a friend through a #InHisLoveMAIL package.

We will create the items, write the letter, throw in a $50 Supermarket voucher with each package, and then mail the package directly to the recipient fully at our cost.

There are 7 sets available, 1 will be prepared for each month.

So do comment on this post and share with me, why you hope to send a #InHisLoveMAIL package to your friend, and I will do a random pick. This could be a friend whom you haven’t met for some time, or she may be going through some challenges in her life, and will need some encouragement. You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish.

Your friend’s name do not need to be shared in the blog comment, as confidential information will only be needed if you are selected. If you are selected, do provide more details about your friend and her design preferences, as the #InHisLoveMAIL package will be personalised according to the concepts that she will like.

IMG 0091

If we do not get any ‘nominees’, Pauline and I already have quite a few people in mind whom we want to send these packages to :)

So do join us, and participate in nominating a friend and let us work together to spread some love, hope and encouragement through #InHisLoveMail this year!

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Hands on Math – Spatial Concepts

**Before starting these activities, have you tried out these Exploration activities? Do read about how your child can learn Math concepts through a developmental sequence.

Spatial concepts are the relationships between people and objects as well as objects with one another. Children need vocabulary that will help them to describe position, direction and relationships. This vocabulary and the conceptual awareness will be useful when they start to classify and order materials.

Concepts like in front of, behind, top, bottom, over, under, last, between, farthest, backward, in, on, etc. Help us understand directions more precisely, ask detailed questions, and express our ideas to others. For preschoolers, an awareness or understanding of spatial concepts and relationships usually predicts success in Math, Reading and following directions.


Here are the activities for your child to learn Spatial Concepts :

1. Books to Read-aloud that teach Spatial Relationships

SpatialbooksUp, Down and Around – Ayers and Westcott   Rosie’s Walk – Hutchins


2. Obstacle course 


Set up an obstacle course using ropes or boxes. Give directions that emphasize position and direction. For example, “Go under or over the rope,” “Step over the box,” “Walk around the circle”, “Stand inside the circle”.


3. Mummy Says

Direct child’s attention to directional words when playing. e.g., “Mummy says go under the table.”


4. Stackable Snacks


Make sandwiches by spreading butter ON the sandwich, then talk about the bread that is on TOP of the cheese, the ham that is in the MIDDLE and other ingredients at the BOTTOM.


5. Left, Right Prints

Give the child a sheet of construction paper that has been folded in half. Ask the child to dip their right hand in paint and make a print on the right side of the paper. Do the same with the left hand.


6. Spatial Concept Cards


You can print 2 sets of these spatial concept cards  to play matching pairs, or use these animal cutouts to explore spatial relationships. E.g, “Put the dog ON the chair.” “Put the cat into the box” etc


7. Exploring spatial concepts using Manipulatives or LEGO


Create a grid of 9 squares on a piece of paper and give the child 5-10 colours of snap cubes or LEGO pieces of various colours.

  • Provide the child with verbal directional instructions. For example, “Place the red cube ON TOP of the blue cube.” “Place the yellow cube BELOW the red cube” “Put the green cube on the RIGHT of the yellow cube” etc
  • Continue giving directions. Offer the child additional colours for an extra challenge.
Here’s a video on how I did this activity with K when he was 3 years old:


Next on the series of Hands on Math, will be the concept of Classification.

For more articles on Home-Learning for Pre-schoolers, do go to the Directory of Learning articles on this blog.

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5 Craft Design Trends for 2015


These Craft Design Trends were really popular in 2014, but I think its really time to retire these design ideas; mustaches (slightly over-used), mason jars, monograms, chevron prints, nautical style, chalkboard everything and the pineapples (huat ah!).

And embrace these 5 Craft Design Trends for 2015;

1. Colours for 2015 

Neon is officially out, and earthly colors have taken the place of these bright hues.

  • Pantone Shade for 2015; Marsala

Screen Shot 2015 02 02 at 6 50 36 PMsource

  • Gold Accents on almost everything

Gold accents

  • Black and White are still Classics

Black n white

  • Pastles like mint green and peachy pink 

Mint greensource

2. Print Trends for 2015

  • Drop the Pineapples, and move on to Watermelons and Donuts are still cool 


  • Wildlife Inspired Design with Animals, Insects and Birds. I am seeing Flamingoes quite a bit recently. 

Wildlifesource source source

  • Geometric Prints, like triangles and hexagons 

Geometricsource source

  • Polka Dots, Arrows


  • Florals and Feathers

Featherssource source

  • Maps are still in 


3. Handwriting 

In line with the personalizing trend. There will be more ‘handwritten’ fonts that will be used in Home or Wall Decor.

Personalising cards, pictures with your own handwriting have never really gone out of style. If you really need some help with creating prettier handwriting, try picking up Calligraphy.


4. Sewing Craft

Knitting and embroidery are no more considered as old-fashioned craft activities. Knitting and embroidery creations are featured in women’s fashion, home decor and Amigurumi will still retain its popularity amongst knitting crafters in 2015.

But I am sure that there will be more creative ideas sprouting out in Pinterest this year with Knitting and Embroidery.

Knitsource source source

5. Paper

  • Paper Flowers are in trend this year, a good site with ideas to make your own blooms  at
  • Something from your teenage years is coming back and will get rather popular in 2015; Planners!

It’s like scrapbooking in a book format, except a planner helps you be more organized on paper. 2015 Planners will have more personalization with fancy stickers, stamps, drawings and washi tape. Even if you are not a crafter, having a planner and ‘prettifying’ it, is definitely do-able!


This round up of Craft Design Trends in 2015 will definitely be providing a good starting point for ideas in my crafting creations this year.

So which craft trends do you like the most, and will look at incorporating into your crafting or DIY projects for this year?

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