5 Craft Design Trends for 2015


These Craft Design Trends were really popular in 2014, but I think its really time to retire these design ideas; mustaches (slightly over-used), mason jars, monograms, chevron prints, nautical style, chalkboard everything and the pineapples (huat ah!).

And embrace these 5 Craft Design Trends for 2015;

1. Colours for 2015 

Neon is officially out, and earthly colors have taken the place of these bright hues.

  • Pantone Shade for 2015; Marsala

Screen Shot 2015 02 02 at 6 50 36 PMsource

  • Gold Accents on almost everything

Gold accents

  • Black and White are still Classics

Black n white

  • Pastles like mint green and peachy pink 

Mint greensource

2. Print Trends for 2015

  • Drop the Pineapples, and move on to Watermelons and Donuts are still cool 


  • Wildlife Inspired Design with Animals, Insects and Birds. I am seeing Flamingoes quite a bit recently. 

Wildlifesource source source

  • Geometric Prints, like triangles and hexagons 

Geometricsource source

  • Polka Dots, Arrows


  • Florals and Feathers

Featherssource source

  • Maps are still in 


3. Handwriting 

In line with the personalizing trend. There will be more ‘handwritten’ fonts that will be used in Home or Wall Decor.

Personalising cards, pictures with your own handwriting have never really gone out of style. If you really need some help with creating prettier handwriting, try picking up Calligraphy.


4. Sewing Craft

Knitting and embroidery are no more considered as old-fashioned craft activities. Knitting and embroidery creations are featured in women’s fashion, home decor and Amigurumi will still retain its popularity amongst knitting crafters in 2015.

But I am sure that there will be more creative ideas sprouting out in Pinterest this year with Knitting and Embroidery.

Knitsource source source

5. Paper

  • Paper Flowers are in trend this year, a good site with ideas to make your own blooms  at allfreepapercrafts.com.
  • Something from your teenage years is coming back and will get rather popular in 2015; Planners!

It’s like scrapbooking in a book format, except a planner helps you be more organized on paper. 2015 Planners will have more personalization with fancy stickers, stamps, drawings and washi tape. Even if you are not a crafter, having a planner and ‘prettifying’ it, is definitely do-able!


This round up of Craft Design Trends in 2015 will definitely be providing a good starting point for ideas in my crafting creations this year.

So which craft trends do you like the most, and will look at incorporating into your crafting or DIY projects for this year?

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  1. I love the lustrous feel of gold. For wildlife inspired design with animals, how about owls? I do like owls quite a bit.