An Update on the Home Front

It’s been a crazy busy last 3 weeks for me at home, packing and unpacking from boxes, finding storage space in the new place to store things I haven’t touched since 2012.

What initially turned out to be home leave for the hb, turned out to be a reunion time for our family and rewarding time at home, despite the haze.

The hb and I have given/thrown away more than half we owned the last time we moved out of our family home, so the move was not tedious, with only 25 boxes and only 4 pieces of old furniture. From these 25 boxes, we did further editing by throwing out more than 15 garbage bags of our stuff, and still counting.

The recent week I have been asked this question from Kyle many times, “Did you throw away my xx?” 😛

My answer will be mostly No, as I have found space to store his things, out of sight. There is now so much more space for us to store our stuff, a far cry from just sharing one wardrobe sharing a room in my mom’s place or in the rented room. We now have one wardrobe each and share a storeroom space.

Kyle s Room 3The first room to be fully furnished was Kyle’s 

I am so inspired to maintain this space clutter-free, so I have learnt to be very careful with any new purchases for the home.

It’s an exciting time, since I never expected that I would be able to have the opportunity to furnish and decorate a new space so soon. And I am beaming with joy that I am finally getting my own craft space!

Hb and I will share the study room space, but ‘His’ and ‘Her space’ will be segregated in the small room. Important for a shared space when we have varying tastes in decor (read: Hb is into an ‘organised mess’ style).

Homeupdate1These are the only things that I am seeing from my side of the Study/Craft Area

I am extremely blessed to have an easy-going hb, who left all the decorating of the home to me (all, except his corner in his study area).

My crafting endeavours have never been limited by space, or the lack of it. For the last 2 years K and I have shared a study table and most of my craft materials are stored in cabinets and drawers. So finally having a table and a corner of a room all by myself, is a luxury that I am extremely thankful for. I am looking forward to working on new things and painting more in the months ahead!

I am about 90% done decorating Kyle’s room, while the rest of the furniture will be delivered next Monday. Since we have been sitting, eating, watching TV together on the floor, I am anticipating to finally seeing more furniture in this space!

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