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One the few gripes that my human Mom has of local subscription boxes are that the products offered are quite common, and can be purchased easily locally from various Pet Shops or through sites like

So as to experience a range of products that cannot be purchased locally, Mom subscribed to PupBox for 6 months to see what we will get.

At USD$39 each month, PupBox will have 7 items consisting of treats, toys, chews, accessories and a monthly training guide. Since Pupbox did not deliver to Singapore, Mom used a freight forwarder’s service to get the items shipped to Singapore.

Screen Shot 2016 02 17 at 6 17 18 pm

The only downside with using a freight forwarder is that we don’t get the items in the original box, but the items are repacked into another envelope to be sent to us. But what really matters were the goodies inside :)

Here are the goodies from the February 2016 PupBox:

IMG 3698

Top (left to right)

1. Valentine’s Bandana – Estimated USD$5.00

2. Mighty Dog Toy Safari Series Gina the Giraffe Retail Price USD$12.00 

Pink is not just for girl pups, but boy pups who are masculine enough to carry the colour! This line of products is made to be tough to withstand any over-enthusiastic chewer (like me, who recently de-squeaked one of the squeakies from my other toy) This is fast becoming one of my favourite squeakies, together with Flopps the Bunny (toy on the right) that came with the January Pupbox.

IMG 3629

3. Gnawsome Light and Squeak Ball Red USD$5.99

The soft spines on ball promotes dental health and it is bite tested and durable to withstand the toughest of chewers. The ball has an internal LED light that lights up when the ball is pressed. This ball had the ultimate squeaky, the oudest I have heard and the fun is seeing the ball light up when I run after it.

4. The Natural Beef Chew USD$3.00

100% Beef Offal Low Odor Bully Chew sourced from Free-Cattle Range. Since the Chews are not sold individually and can be found on in a 25 piece pack, this was a good opportunity to sample the product

5. Smart Pet Love Pupsicle Chew Toy USD$12.00 

Add water to the chew toy and freeze and the cold melting ice soothes the puppy’s aching and itching gums

6. I’d Rather be with my Dog, Paleo Tummy Love 5oz USD$10.60

A soft and chewy snack made with coconut oil and two quality protein sources. Without grain, gluten or soy.

7.  Dogswell Sweet Potato with Chicken Broth Super Boost Veggie Chews USD$8.80

Sweet Potato Chews with flaxseed, Omega 3 vitamins A & E to maintain healthy eyes, skin and coat

Total value : USD$57.39 (SGD$80.35)

6 months subscription costs a total of USD$164.00 (with a $10 off from $174.00). This works out to be USD$27.40 (SGD$38.30) per box and with added shipping cost to Singapore of SGD $13.00 (Freight forwarder : 65daigou). The cost of one subscription box is SGD$51.50, and the total value of the items were SGD$80.35.


Is Pupbox worth it?

Pupbox is a good value subscription box with a variety of toys, chews and accessories that cannot be found locally in Singapore. These things make it worthwhile to spend that $51.50 a month, for a nice surprise monthly for 6 months.

However, If you have a pup like me, who tends to be rather fussy about what I eat, you might not like some of the treats that are in the box. I didn’t fancy the treats that came with the February Pupbox, but the January Pupbox had a Primal Beef Liver treat (I am eating Primal Freeze Dried daily now!) and a Bully stick from The Natural Dog Company (not sold to retailers in Singapore) which I loved. While Mom liked the Spotty Treat bag, a really useful item which she has been looking for, but could not find in Singapore, to be used for storing treats for me when I have my training sessions.


Mom have since added a note in my Pupbox online account that I prefer to have more Toys, Chews and Accessories and less treats.

Screen Shot 2016 02 23 at 4 51 04 pm

Overall, I feel that Pupbox is the best subscription box I have received so far.

I am a believer of this quote ‘When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.’ An average price of $20+ a month is considered affordable for an average person. And if you have seen how much are the dog toys and treats at the local Pet shop, you will expect that there will not be too many things found in a $20+ local dog subscription box. Some people reading this, might say, “But of course Pupbox costs almost double the price of a Singapore-based subscription box.”

If you are like mom, who have almost combed the shelves in the chain Pet Shops and some others for their toys and accessories, in the hope to buy interesting and useful merchandise, then I think the Pupbox is worth subscribing. And if you have a pup that eats everything and anything without any allergies, then I will say “Go for Pupbox.” It’s good value for quality and unique items for your pup.

In the meantime, I will be sure to enjoy my other Pupboxes which will be arriving in the next 4 months!


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