10 Daiso Craft Materials

The US and the UK has their Dollar Stores, while Asia has its $2 version with its Daiso Stores.

Most Singaporeans love all things Japanese, from food (I am Japanese food fan myself!) to their culture. So naturally, products that are branded in Japan (although many are made in China) will be largely popular with Singaporeans.

I think the Japanese are ingenious with their ideas for craft, so to find a store where craft materials are found easily and cheaply is a thrill for any crafter.

Here’s sharing 10 of my Daiso buys for craft:

1. Felt Craft Daiso 8

I have used the felt from Daiso for some of my felt craft projects. As Daiso felt is made of polyester, it is washable and good for making of felt ornaments. But not recommended for the making of toys, softies and craft projects, that one intents to keep or requires more handling.

Daisy felt is best used for children’s craft, hair ties or clips. hanging mobiles, ornaments, brooches or small felt mascots.

Here are some Felt Craft tutorials, where Daiso Felt can be used;

Felt Projects(L to R) Craft Tutorials can be found in link; Felt Air Balloon Mobile, Felt Birds and Leaves Hanging Ornaments

2. Origami Paper

Craft Daiso 3

I use Daiso Origami paper for making Kirigami and occasionally Origami creations like these;

Craft Daiso 21

Kirigami and Origami can be used for gift wrapping and many other decorative purposes (Washi tape, wooden pegs and Kraft Paper Bag pictured below are all from Daiso).

Craft Daiso 20(L to R) Craft Tutorials can be found in link; Bear Kirigami and Ribbon Origami, Rabbit Kirigami Gift Card and Washi-fied Gift bag and Wooden peg

4. Cutting Mat and Precision Knife

Craft Daiso 27

They are a must-have when making Kirigami or cutting paper.

4. Construction Paper Craft Daiso 2

I have just discovered these coloured papers in Daiso a couple of months ago. I found the texture of the paper and range of colours available adequate for paper-flowers making. These papers are also sold in A4 size in a single colour in a pack.

Craft Daiso 11

Daiso coloured paper are good for card creations like these;

Craft Daiso 29Top to Bottom Craft Tutorials at link; Nothing Like a Mother’s Love Card, Papa Bear Father’s Card

5. Colour boards in Styrofoam or Cork Material Craft Daiso 5

I get them in white to mount the boy’s and my paintings to create a faux canvas base, and skip the picture frames, so that they can be easily pasted on the walls with blu-tack or mounting strips.

No one should put original ‘art’ in frames, unless they are reproduction prints bought from IKEA 😛

Cork can also be used in many DIY Homeware or Decor ideas. Just add your own designs with markers or paint.

6. Wooden Blocks in various sizes or Wooden Sticks and Sandpaper Craft Daiso 7

The wooden blocks are available in small square, rectangular shapes etc. These blocks that can be drawn, painted on, or pasted together to form a letter holder like this, with glued-on Hama Beads;

Screen Shot 2015 10 03 at 12 42 27 pm

While Sandpaper is a must have to prep the wood before it is ready to be painted on.

7. Pill Cases Craft Daiso 15

Extremely useful to segregrate Hama Beads into specific shades.

What is Hama Beads Crafting? Read more about it in this post. While the tweezer in pictured below is also from Daiso.

Craft Daiso 17

8. Shrinky Plastic and Tracing Paper Craft Daiso 4

There are at least 3 different types of Shrinky Plastic that are sold in Daiso. Pictured below are the clear and the opaque ones. There are the Neon ones available in some of the Daiso stores.

I have tried the opaque ones that come with a keyring in the pack and found them to be good enough for making keychains and fridge magnets.

Craft Daiso 6

9. Magnetic Tape

Craft Daiso 23

Useful for making your own magnets from Shrinky Plastic, or magnetic wooden pegs.

10. Wooden Pegs

Craft Daiso 26

Apart from its basic use for hanging laundry on a drying rack, wooden pegs have numerous uses in craft. Just stick on washi tape :)

I have been using the small wooden pegs for winding my embroidery thread (like a thread spool), while the small scissors and sewing pins pictured below are also from Daiso.

Craft Daiso 16

I spend more time in the craft aisle in Daiso than all the other aisles combined, as I am always looking for the next item that I can use to craft something new.


There are a few things that I have bought from the craft aisle that I would not buy again, namely, play dough, soft clay, embroidery floss (thread), paint and brushes. Since it is $2, can expect that these things are not of very good quality.

The play dough and soft clay is really hard to manage without making a huge mess. Even after lining the table / floor with newspapers, the stray bits of dough or clay tends to stick on the floors and tables. Only recommended for moms who have no issues spending some extra time to clean up after their child after play.

While DMC is always my choice for embroidery floss, even when sewing on Daiso Felt. The quality of thread does make a difference to the one who is sewing and to the final product.

As for the Daiso paint and brushes, they are apt for children doing exploratory art, but not when the child or adult is starting to get more serious about taking up painting as a hobby. The paint pigments tend to be inconsistent and brushes often split at the ends after the first few washes.

For better quality art and craft supplies, and if you are willing to spend more than $2 per item, try Artfriend and Spotlight.

So what are the craft materials that you have used from Daiso?


For more on Daiso 101, 

Next on the 101 Daiso Blog train will be Winnie of ToddlyMummy.

Winnie Toddly Mummy

At her blog,  http://toddlymummy.blogspot.com Winnie shares her thoughts on parenting, fun learning moments of home learning sessions and outdoor adventures. She reviews books and other kids’ stuff. She sometimes shares about her favourite food too, along with the occasional side orders of stuff that she finds useful as a busy mum.


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5 Home Design Decor Ideas that I will be Adopting

Having going through the Home Decor pictures in Pinterest the past one month, here are some ideas which I have shortlisted to be incorporated into the new home.

1. Neutral with Blue / Teal

I am loving the teal that is contrasted with the grey neutral tones in this living area.

I will be using shades of blue/teal in the master bedroom, the boy’s room and the study area, as accent colours for each of the rooms. I went with a neutral shade as a base colour, which will also give me more flexibility when we move again in 2 years or so.

Screen Shot 2015 09 28 at 8 18 26 am source

2. Industrial Style

Industrial accents in home furnishing lends a vintage, yet urban feel to the home. Apart from being a common feature in numerous DIY furnishing ideas, it has also been adapted by furnishing companies to create a ‘new, yet old’ look, combining word and metal. I am leaning towards the rustic industrial style, as I think distress wood will bring in some natural touches to a cold and steely-industrial feel.

Screen Shot 2015 09 29 at 1 12 54 pmsource 

3. Print and Pattern – Geometric Designs

I have always adored patterns and geometry in art design, and I think geometric elements included in Home Decor will give a modern vibe to a home and geometric shapes will add strong visual interest to a minimalistic style.

Screen Shot 2015 09 29 at 1 03 57 pmsource  

4. Green in the Home

I haven’t tried keeping or growing plants before, but I have been ogling over succulents, cactuses and air plants on Pinterest the last couple of months. Maybe some green indoors with plants? I hope these plants will survive under my not-yet-determined-green-thumbs :P.

Screen Shot 2015 09 29 at 1 16 06 pm


5. DIYs

I am over the idea of creating a Gallery wall with clusters of frame paintings of various sizes in the living area or bedroom.

But with my recent and ongoing obsession with all things paper (all except scrapbooking). I will be incorporate a couple of DIYs for wall decor around the house to bring in some colour and texture to the all-white walls in the house.

Paper is great choice for wall decor, especially when the resident can be somewhat fickle about the overall look (translate: can get bored easily).  I even have rather ambitious plans to have a feature shelf or wall in the house that I can update with my DIY projects on a quarterly basis.

Screen Shot 2015 09 30 at 7 46 59 pmsource

Fabric and Clay will be the other two mediums I am looking to explore with some DIY creations for Home Decor around the house.

My first preference was to go for a Scandinavian-style home as a neutral base, with some graphic styles with geometric designs, and personalise the place with hand-made creations. I am not really focused on what’s in trend or not for Home Decor, as I want to create an environment that I look forward coming home to daily, and will include the quirky personalities of the residents.


Look out for the upcoming post in Oct, for a room tour of the boy’s space in the home…  

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All i will need are white walls and clean floors

I have never been a fan of build-in interior design.

I regretted building in a shelf in the master bed-room in my previous 5 room HDB flat, and told myself that I never will want any built-in interior fixtures for my living area or for the bedrooms. The only build-in interior fixtures I imagine myself to have in my next home, would just be limited to the bathrooms and the kitchen.

So I was really quite excited to have a clean palette to work with for my rented place. Since there are no renovations to be done, no upgrades can be done to the kitchen and toilets, no spotlights or built-in shelves. All I needed was white walls and clean floors for the rest of the areas in the home.

I am certain one can get a home tastefully decorated with furniture, textiles and home accessories without having to renovate any area in a home, especially with the help of Pinterest these days *wink*

So what would I do with this space?

Newhome 1

Having an apartment unit at 1250 sq feet, I have relatively small spaces to work with for the rooms, but a fairly comfortable space for the living area.

The layouts of the rooms are square which will be easy to work with, and since I already had a clear idea how I prefer this home to be furnished.

Hb and I purchased most of our furniture in one place under 2 hours. Sounds unrealistic, but it is possible to fully furnish (not style) a home under 2 hours, especially if the residents are a decisive couple :P.

The only gripe that I have of the furniture for the living, dining areas, study and master bedrooms, is that the furniture will be arriving in dribs and drabs, so I will be coming home to a relatively empty house for the next two months.

By Christmas this year, this house should be fully furnished and decorated.


Colour Palettes

I am still deliberating if I should change the colour palette in the living area, but that will mean having to change the curtains that have been provided by the landlord. If I were to keep the curtains, I can work with this palette;

Screen Shot 2015 09 18 at 2 45 50 pm

I have purchased a sofa in one of these shades above, so pulling together colour palettes from Pinterest was easy. If you are connected to my profile in Pinterest, you will notice that I like to pin colour palettes to my Pinterest wall rather regularly. As I make references to colour palettes when I am painting or crafting something new.

So the very first step in furnishing or decorating a home will be to decide what colour palettes you will be working with, within each specific areas of the home.

If you are looking for complimentary colour palettes to be used for your home decor, art design or floral arrangement, my Pinterest profile for Colour Palettes is a useful link to refer to with 400++ palettes and counting.

I will be furnishing, then decorating one area of the house at a time in the next couple of weeks. So look out for my blog posts leading up to December 2015, to follow my journey and tips of furnishing and decorating a new home.

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