Doggie Tales

My human told me that these days people don’t read blogs like they used to.

But that doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm to be her guest blogger for After all, my human always hoped to have guest bloggers on her blog.

I think she did consider my other favourite human, the 8 year old. But I think he has already grew out of his cute age and would probably bore the readers of this blog with Minecraft, Nerf guns and strategies for his Playstation 3 games.

I am definitely a better candidate for the job, as I will always stay cute and furry no matter how old I get. I may be just 3 months now, chewing up everything in my sight, but I have discerning taste.

My human Mummy thinks I am too fussy with my food, but I am discerning in my taste woman!

IMG 2489

You can call me Bibi, or like what my 8 year old boy human calls me Bibi-Mibi or Mister B, my human (Mummy) calls me sometimes. My full name is actually Bibi Arukah Ng. My other human, the adult male one, named me Arukah, as it means healing and restoration but my human (Mummy) and boy human thinks that it sounds like a name for a Husky; the thick coat wolf-like sledding dog.

I am no Husky that’s for sure. I may be pint sized but I have a big personality stored in all 800g of me right now. Often I like to pretend that I am a big dog.

These days my human is very focused (like obsessed!) on caring for me, but I believe I have brought lots of fun into her and my boy’s life, although I have heard her say that I give her extra work at home. So their lives pretty much revolve around me right now. I overhead yesterday when my human was talking to my boy, that they are reducing their travel for this year, until I grow older and stronger.

I suspect my human can’t wait for me to grow, to bring me out more frequently. My biggest challenge right now is with grass. I really don’t fancy it that much.

When she brings me downstairs for a short walk, I will let her know that I don’t like grass, by sticking my butt on the ground and refusing to move. So Bishan Park dog area is definitely out of the question for now. The mad runs that I do around the house for 30 minutes each time are enough to tire me out.

There are still much to do apart from going to parks. It helps that I am small and portable to carry in a bag.

No two dogs are made the same, we are all individuals first with our own personality, preferences and needs, and then our breed comes second.

Chihuahuas (the breed of dog that I am), have got a bad rep for being yelpy and annoying. My human have been getting the same question from fellow dog owners when they heard she got me, “Why Chihuahua? They are so fragile.”

Obviously you can’t drop me and I hope that you don’t sit on me either. My boy human does smoother me with hugs and kisses ever so often, but he always make the effort to be gentle with me.

Small dogs like me have very specific requirements, needs and behaviours and so do the bigger ones. All we need is to be loved, toilet trained and be given boundaries on what we can or cannot do.

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I can do more than just chew furniture! As this new feature on ‘Doggie Tales’ I will be sharing with you my take on what’s available for small dogs in Singapore.

My human started an Instagram account for me at @bibithechi to share my daily antics, so do follow me if you are a fellow dog pawrent or don’t mind following photos of a pint size dog.

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Jan 2016