An Ode to Six

Kyle 1

Six oh six, it has been difficult to watch you grow up

My parenting skills have been put to the test

Every single day

And I wonder if this is my best


Six oh six, you are still very much a child

And a precocious one indeed

But being a typical boy,

Often you hear, but pay no heed


Six oh six, you are sociable and friendly

When anyone can be your best friend today

But friendship can sizzle

Just as easily the next day


Six oh six, developing a sense of right or wrong

Seems to come so naturally

All you need is some nudging from me

But time and getting organized is still abstract, possibly?


Six oh six, you are a very funny little person

Have very clear preferences for the things that you like

Spy stories, drawing and making up your own songs

Always making me laugh at the stories that you write


Six oh six, to make this memorable year for you and me

I cannot forget to encourage

And be there to support

Of all your inspirations, of every little sort


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