My ‘Go with the flow’ progress for the new home

I think this year has to be the year where I can attest to God’s goodness for my family. I never expected that I would be able to have a place that Hb and I can own, what more have this opportunity to incorporate what we hope our home to look like.

IMG 9490K looking into the Master Bedroom


The home renovation has been a rather organic process for me. Hb and I had some requirements of what I hope to have in the new home, but I was not very specific about what I wanted it to exactly look like.

In fact Hb and I had a short disagreement on this.

It started when he didn’t like the look of the stone tiles on the feature wall, despite my efforts of letting him look at it and getting his ‘approval’ before implementation. For him, these stone tiles on the feature wall was looking ‘pasty’ and he considered having this wall removed when it was 70% done.

I had to convince him that any feature in a home cannot be isolated as a single element, as it needs to interact with the fixtures around it. At that point, the black-frame doors weren’t even up.

IMG 9950This stone wall almost got torn down after hb changed his mind after thinking that it looked ‘pasty’ 


Then he brought up this concern he had with me not being specific enough to let the ID know exactly what I wanted for the home. There I was trying to incorporate what he hope to have, as well as my preferences for the home. As the home was a combination of ‘us’ and not just a single person’s preference.

In my frustration, I told him that if this home was just all about me, I would have preferred a white-based coloured kitchen and lighter tiles in the bathrooms. However I took all his preferences in and adjusted it according to what I felt would look best aesthetically.

That ended the disagreement.

Fundamentally the issue was really this; It was a difference in our personalities. Hb knows what he wants for the home, but there were limitations locally to the kind of materials that were available in the market. So our ID had to find alternatives and I provided my inputs on how I felt things can come together aesthetically.

Hb is not able to visualise how the material would look like in a space, while I could imagine how things would look like in a space. I just needed to see the tile’s design, and I would visualise how it would come together with the other elements in the home. So his peeve became, “Not the specific material I want to have, vs how this alternative could be congruent with the look we wanted in the home’.

So I learnt that from this process, that having different taste can create disagreements between a couple when it comes to renovating a home.

Besides, I was really caught off guard having this opportunity to create a home from a ‘blank palette’, and I did not have a long list of expectations for any new home from the beginning, except for a few specifics. I didn’t spend time in recent years dreaming about what my house could look like, or looked through interior design styles on Pinterest, until the planning for the renovation started. Since I was rather caught by surprise this year that we were ready to get our new home

So that’s how the look of the home ended up evolving rather organically.

I didn’t pay any visit to the tile shops to choose what I wanted for the walls or the flooring. All I did was to tell my ID, I wanted hexagonal tiles in certain shades for the balconies, as well as some areas of the home. Added with some marble and some wood in the other fixtures. Even the tiles to my kitchen was somewhat organic, as the contractors hacked a little too much of the marble from my living room leading to my kitchen, so I said “Why not have a combination of tiles leading to the kitchen?’

IMG 9882

Even the craft room floor tiling was a result of ‘Why not do this since we needed some form of congruency across the flooring of the home?’

Jack, our ID from Three D Conceptwerke got used to my free-flowing aesthetic style, when his ideas for tiling (which was more retro style) for the type of tiles got thrown out by me mostly, after a number of times 😬.

There are many details in the foundation elements of the home that reflect my quirky preferences.

IMG 0166

Case in point; Hb don’t like this wall in the kitchen, calling the tiles ‘toilet-looking’ tiles’. This was my choice, as I felt it added a quirky personality (which is so ‘me’) to the rest of the kitchen, which will be in marble and darker wood. I feel that a variation in the type of materials used in a same area will bring some layers and textures, while the shade chosen has to be congruent with the rest of the shades selected for the kitchen.

So how is the house looking after ‘adding this and that which we like’?

I think it is looking exactly what I hope for in our home, a combination of hb’s and my preferences. If hb had it his way with the home, it will be all marble and wood, and natural stone everywhere. He likes the ‘Lux’ look for the home, while I think can be nice, but lacks warmth, as it’s too ‘glamourous’ for my liking, with little personality. So that’s where my geometric shape tiles and texture come in!

Having engage an ID worked with us on our new home, the look of the home is a good representation of hb’s and my personality and preferences, rather than what the ID planned for us.

Jack from Three-D-Conceptwerke has been fundamental in maximising our space and layout in the home, giving us invaluable advise when it came to whether ‘this or that’ will work, and proposing ideas to allow more light and making the movement in the home more intuitive. What more his project management skills. positive attitude, patience and efficiency was most commendable.

The Interior Nazi in me rose up to the occasion when it comes to lighting and tapestries in the home. As long as I can get a neutral palette for the home that will age well, it is really more about layering in this home for me.

In slightly more than 1 month, we are moving into this new home, I am still considering if I should reveal more of what we are doing for this space on the blog in the coming months.

But if you are keen to see the real time progress, do check in to my Instagram posts and stories for updates!

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The New Home – Design Concepts

My interest in aesthetics span from design to illustration, I have never been trained formally in art and wished that I had shown interest when I was a child, instead of music. My parents got me to take up piano lessons in primary school, when they found that I showed some interest in learning the instrument. My interest in music waned when I stopped taking formal lessons to focus on studying for my ‘O’ levels exams.

Art would have been a better choice, and would have more longevity for me to pursue in my adult years.

I discovered my interest in Home Interior when I got my first home in 2004, when there wasn’t Pinterest, and the Internet was at its early stages. So I referred to local Home Interior Magazines for ideas.

With this new home, I was thrilled to have an almost blank palette to plan for, and I spent time pouring through the photos of house interiors in Pinterest. I wasn’t keen in following trends or adopting specific styles, but creating a home that will have concepts that I love.

It wasn’t the easiest at the start to integrate what Hb preferred to so I was sure to get his brief for what he wanted.


His requirements were ;

1. Feature Wall in the living area with irregular rock-shaped tiles (this had been hard to find, as the popular choice for many home owners locally are white or red rectangular bricks)

2. Spa-like wall materials and colour scheme in the Toilets. (Personally a prefer a lighter shade for the toilets, but I didn’t want to have to scrub grout between the tiles over time).

Screen Shot 2017 08 02 at 2 35 23 PM


3. Do avoid busy prints, Peranakan prints like that are a no-no as we don’t want retro concepts for the home. (I would specify this as no-retro-for-shared-areas, I would still add some retro decor in my craft room 😘)

Screen Shot 2017 08 02 at 2 47 04 PM


4. I want a ‘man-cave’, with more dark wood features.

5. You can plan for a dog room if you want, right next to the kitchen (Hooray!)


While my requirements were;

1. Some Geometric shapes (I want monotones not coloured ones) in my flooring, segregating some areas from the main living area with clear black frame doors.

Floorndoors 2


2. My dream kitchen with Marble and Wood and an Island, and pendant lights above the Island.



3. No spot lights in the home, I want cooler lighting options and ambient lights (through lamps) for warmer lighting

4. I want a craft and prayer area


Interestingly, hb and I did not put much thought into the design of our bedrooms or the boy’s bedroom, so we left it to Jack of Three-D-Conceptwerke to propose the ideas.

Since we only spend our sleeping hours in the bedroom, we wanted it simple but cosy. While flexibility is needed in the design of the boy’s room, to accommodate him growing into his Teenage years.

The new home currently looks like this, since the previous owner renovated a couple of years ago. She was renting it out for the last couple years and never stayed in it. We are planning to strip the current feature wall, polish the existing marble in the living area, change the windows (as the current ones are more than 30 years old!) And there will be plenty of re-furbishment needed to be done around the house!

IMG 7456


Next Post : T-84 Days to moving in!

Other posts in this series; Selecting an Interior Designer

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The New Home – Selecting an Interior Designer

The last time we renovated a place was when we got our first resale flat in 2004. We hired a contractor and designed the toilets (we ended up with very nice toilets in our flat), then added some build-ins in the Master bedroom. As my in laws stayed with us, and due to a tight budget, I could only renovate the Master bedroom and toilet.

We recently purchased an old apartment in an area that both my hb and I liked (this property has been built 32 years ago in 1985!). Newer properties in this same area are about $600 – $800 more in price per-square-feet. Having stayed in private apartments previously and staying in a rental right now, we realise that a beautiful landscape and nice amenities is not enough to convince us to fork out a premium on a newer property. Another concern we had over newer properties was the space, or the lack thereof. One has to be prepared that the kitchen layouts will be tiny, living and bedrooms are smaller.

The downside to getting an older property is that more work is needed to re-furbish the interior of the home. However this was an exciting endeavour to undertake, since this opportunity would allow me to decide how I wanted this new home to look like.

Thus getting a good interior designer to work with is pivotal, to put ideas on paper and to implement ideas as painless as possible.


My Experience Selecting an Interior Designer

1. Do the research

I shortlisted the interior design companies by looking through local home interior magazines like Home and Decor, Square Rooms, and online sites like Qanvast, Renopedia, Renotalk etc.



From there, I was able to see what I think I could consider for the new home, browse the current design trends adopted by other home owners.

Some trends I spotted were retro style (Peranakan tiles, 60-70 memorabilia and furnishings, SMEG appliances etc), Industrial style (more hardware, metal, stainless steel, red brick walls), Minimalism (Japanese, Scandinavian style of furnishings).

The less common styles were eclectic (a mishmash of concepts under one roof, one of the more challenging styles to adopt as the owner or interior designer needs a keen eye on how to bring everything together seamlessly) and lux (expensive and luxurious furnishings mostly adopted by home owners with larger homes like landed property or Good Class Bungalows)


2. Get in touch with the interior design firm

I got in touch with the Interior Design companies when hb and I met the lawyers and started the purchase process for the home. It took about 6-8 weeks for the buying process to be completed and for the collection of the keys to the home.

We got a copy of the floor plan from the housing agent of the buyer, as it is useful to refer to a floor plan during layout discussions with the interior designer, even if the home has gone through many owners and many rounds of renovation.



3. First impressions do count

I only shortlisted two interior design firms; Three-D-Conceptwerke and Eighty-Two. Looking through their portfolio through features in the home interior magazines and their website, I thought these two companies had the best fit to my design preferences.

I liked how Three-D-Conceptwerke was able to adopt unique concepts that was not run-of-the-mill, as their homes reflected the personalities of the owners. While Eighty-Two was on the other side of the spectrum, as minimalism was their forte. I could not decide if I wanted a house with personality, or one that was clean and minimalistic, yet stylish.


I sent both companies the floor plan, existing photos of the home and a budget of how much hb and I planned to set aside for renovation.

Jack, the senior designer of Three-D-Conceptwerke was prompt and got back to me quickly through my email enquiry, and fixed up an appointment at a coffee place in the vicinity of my new home. Jack made a positive impression the first time we met, with his friendly and unassuming personality. He made an effort to print out the floor plans and pictures for discussion and showed positive energy and enthusiasm while the shared on the possible concepts that I hope to create with the home.

He shared many inputs and his creative ideas at our meeting and made a remark that made sense to me, “We want the home to age well with the owner, one that will not go out of trend over time. A timeless style is something we hope to achieve.”

While the people at Eight-two did not make a positive impression from the start. They took a while to get back to me, and despite the request to meet someplace closer to where I was, Terence, the designer, reply was, “We usually meet clients at our office for the first meeting”. I made my way to his office at East Coast, waited for him for 30mins before he turned up.

For that 30 mins, I sat 1 metre away from his colleagues at their work tables, listened to their gossip and discussion where they wanted to go for lunch. This gave me glimpse to what to expect if I planned to work with this company.

Where is the punctuality? And should it be common sense that they should avoid inviting the client to their office if they don’t even have a proper area to host them…😳

I decided to reserve my judgement on the company or the designer till the discussion ended. The discussion was disappointing, I expected more creative inputs from him, but all I got was ideas of wanted to shift rooms around, when I communicated my preference of where I wanted the Master bedroom and K’s room to be. His cynicism and ‘jaded-ness’ shone through while I interacted with him. After a while, I started to get rather irritated with the comments that he made.

When I shared, “I like to consider minimalism, but I am not sure at this point,” His response was “We specialised in Minimalistic style and we should be able to work with your budget.” That got me thinking, so if I decide to change my mind and not go with minimalism, you might not be able to do it?

The conclusion that I ended up with was that Eighty-Two could only do minimalistic styles well, and I wasn’t confident at all in their company to add on personality to a home, which they didn’t seem to be interested to find out more from their client. And I question why I should be paying for something minimalistic when I can just hire a contractor to help me execute minimalistic ideas.

I didn’t even wait for Eighty-Two to present the top-line ideas 2 weeks after, I called them 2 days after our meeting to let them know I have decided to go with another Interior Design company.


4. Be decisive and know what you want to achieve

It was easy to decide which company I went with in the end, as I didn’t want to waste time comparing quotes or confuse it further with any indecisiveness. For me, it’s as simple as, what ideas can you share and are you able to deliver these things as we discussed within the budget?


5. Be realistic on timelines

Once I decided on the Interior Design Company to go with, there was another 1-2 subsequent meetings for the Jack from Three-D-Conceptwerke to come back with a more concrete design plan, which included a revised floorplan and a detailed price quote.

When hb and I approved the revised layout of the floorplan, Jack presented 3D layouts of how specific areas of the home will look like. Once we approved this, he started to source for tile and flooring samples, a as well as material samples for build-in carpentry and we further discuss on the timelines.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 6.46.10 PM

Right after that meeting, Jack submitted the renovation work plans to the Management Agent (if this is a private property) or to HDB (for HDB flats). There was another 5-7 days before we got the approval from the building management to start renovation works.

Depending on the scale of the renovation works, I think 2-3 months should be a comfortable timeline to work with as it is always good to give the Interior Designer ample time to work with.


Next post on The New Home – Design Concepts

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