Photo *Heart* Fridays – Hae Mee Tng?

Prawnnoodle 1

A Singapore hawker favorite made from a broth of prawn head and shells, pork ribs, garnished with bean sprouts, slices of prawn (sometimes pork), kang kong and fried shallots.

The first prawn noodle soup was brought into Singapore by early immigrants from the Fujian province of China. Then, the prawn noodle soup contained dried shrimps and scallops, which were brewed for at least 8 hours to make the stock. The dish was named Hokkien Prawn Noodle not because it was brought from the Fujian (Hokkien) province, rather, it was named as such, as the yellow noodles that usually accompanied the Prawn Noodle soup was made in Hokkien Street.

I couldn’t resist walking into the branch of ‘Beach Road Prawn Noodle Shop’ along East Coast Road after dropping K off from school this week, after noticing the number of cars parked alongside the shop every morning (except for Mondays, when the shop is closed).

Within the same shop, the owners also sold fried wu xiang. Most customers will order a plate of wu xiang to go with with their prawn noodle. But since a long-time resident and foodie of Katong area mentioned not to go with the wu xiang (as it is over-priced and not so tasty), I just went for the prawn noodle soup with bee-hoon.

The verdict? The prawn and pork rib soup was tasty and flavorful, best when served piping hot.

What kind of noodles do you like with your prawn noodle soup, bee-hoon or the yellow egg noodles?


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Photo *Heart* Fridays – A Good Ol’ Breakfast

Eastcoastroad 9

Right at the corner of Chapel Road from East Coast Road is this blue-green colored shop-house with a business that dates back to the 1920s.  With it’s mosaic floor tiles and marbled table tops, you will feel just like you stepped back into the 50s ambiance of a Hainanese Coffee Shop.

Eastcoastroad 13

The hot favorites from Chin Mee Chin Confectionary hardly changed through the years; piping hot black coffee, Kaya Buns, Sugee Cake, Custard Egg Tart, Custard Puff and the Luncheon Meat (SPAM) roll.

Eastcoastroad 14Picture on right from The Vintage Recipe Blog

Be prepared to share a table with strangers as the coffee shop can be crowded even on weekday mornings. If you are planning to head there for the first time, don’t wait at your table to order, as the auntie (rather aged and quite grumpy) hardly comes around to take your orders. Instead, choose your own pastries from the shelf and stand at the counter to order, and do make sure that the auntie writes it down.

As for my breakfast usual? 2 Half-boiled eggs with dark sauce and a dash of pepper, accompanied with hot Teh-Si (tea with milk).

Eastcoastroad 12

And it will still be business as usual for this old dame CMC, there be no chance of it closing down any time soon.

How do you like your half-boiled egg? With dark or light soya sauce?

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Photo *Heart* Fridays – Nostalgia

OldA 1

Behind these dusty window panes is a medical shop manned by a middle aged lady and her aged mother…

Ka3 Katong 13

Taking a peek through the windows of these shophouses, I see dark, dusty rooms, now abandoned. Once homes to residents living along Katong Road.


The former Red House Bakery, once a landmark on Katong Road, used to be famous for its Swiss rolls and curry puffs. The“Red House” Bakery was the first in Singapore to bake three-tier Western-style wedding cakes in the 1920s.

It will become residential homes very soon, to be sold to affluent house buyers.


Katong, whose history is filled with vacation homes and mansions for the wealthy in the 19th century, still retains some of its charm with its quaint cafes, eateries and glimpses of its Peranankan heritage. What other nostalgic finds will I discover in this neighborhood? Do read the upcoming posts to find out!

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